Friday, October 03, 2008

Bicycles, as a mode of transport?

Working at 7-11 is great because the employees get blessed with alot of free time. During these idle moments, images of blonde cheerleaders and milfs usually flood my mind like a burst dam. Quite recently, however, my mind has been preoccupied with something of a less hornier nature. Bikes. To say that I've been obsessing over them would be a criminal understatement. I've been doing a load of research on different types of bikes, bike fittings etc and have my mind (supposedly) settled on Scott's SUB 20 or SUB 30. The only problem now is choosing between 26' or 700cc wheels, and obviously, waiting for my paycheck to arrive.

Lately, I've also been toying with the idea of cycling to school. Ridiculous? Yes. Initially, I thought that plan was as rubbish as my "live off parents until I'm 30" plan (close friends would get this. hah), but after marking a route on, the distance is honestly, not as mean a feat as I expected it to be. Route displayed below.

Just roughly over 20km from Bedok Mrt to Dover. Now the route follows the MRT tracks 65% of the time, so why don't you just take the fucking train Kamal?! Truthfully, I find that commuting by train and bus is not very time-maximising. I can only take out my notes to study only when there's a seat available, and considering that the number of seat-kiasu aunties and uncles have risen dramatically this year, the odds of of a teenager getting a seat of a train is very low indeed! Even if I do get to sit down, I can only go through 15-20 minutes of reading before a vehicle-induced headache settles in. So the only option is to cram earphones up my ears and listen to repetitive music from my mp3.

Since it's too late to transfer to a school that's nearer to home, I figured that the hour-long boring commute could be replaced by a fun, mid-intensity bike ride instead. The plan sounds good on paper, but whether or not it's practical, I'll just have to find out on 31st October.

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