Thursday, November 13, 2008


My FYP group made it into SPinnovex. I still remember juggling feelings of disbelief and elation when I received Yusof's sms regarding the good news. I was at my front door, exhausted after a round bike trip from home to Ikea in Queenstown and back. Dug into my saddle bag and fished out my phone. Called Yusof and fucked him for playing tricks on me, only to be told nonchalantly that he wasn't fucking with me and we did in fact got accepted into SPinnovex!

I'm supposed to be happy, because after all, our grades for FYP are already secured. However, I cannot bring myself to stay happy, not when the others close to me failed to make the cut. I guess it's normal to feel sorry for them, but thinking back, I felt that they deserved a place in SPinnovex more than my group.

Take Esther's case. She stays back for 3 hours twice a week to finish up her project. One of her group member's passed away early in the year (food poisoning), so they are down to 3 members. One's pretty hardworking while the other just exudes a devil-may-give-a-fuck attitude that we have all come across in our years of existence. It's amazing how she rallies the group together and how she takes charge of things. You would never expect this timid girl to be like that. Unfortunately, all their hard work came to naught. Try as she might, she could not fully conceal her sorrow this morning. Through her bubbly voice and infinite cuteness, I could see her deep disappointment inside.

My group on the other hand, is heavily influenced by the fine art of last-minute work and laziness. Our ppt for the SPinnovex interview was done by me over 4 mugs of caffeine, 14 hours before the scheduled interview. We rarely had any weekly meetings. We only met twice during the holidays to finish up on some soldering. I wish I could add more, but hell, those are the only things that we did! Then why were we accepted?! Could it be that ours was a student-suggested project, thus, more points for being ambitious? Or was it the bombastic words that we used during the interview that totally floored the lecturers into submission? I don't know.

All I know is, our work-to-reward ratio is fucking screwed. We did not deserve this opportunity. Well, I guess there's no use in feeling sorry for something that you've accomplished. Life is unfair, no? We've heard it all before. Let's just enjoy the ride then.


Friday, November 07, 2008

Bike Accessories

1. Shimano PD-R540 Clipless Pedals 2. Topeak Large Saddle Bag 3. Shimano R-150 Road Shoe I had to sell the remainder of my guitar gear in order to buy the pedals, shoe and saddle bag. Now my rig consists of only my telecaster and amp. Minimalism ftw!

I just had the clipless pedals installed in this evening, and I can tell you that they are a god-send. Coupled with the hard-soled road shoe, it allows me to generate efficient pedal strokes with every turn. I could feel that the energy from every crank was transferred to the rotational movement of the wheels. The only problem lies when I forget to disengage when I come to a stop. With the shoes locked in, it's nearly impossible to keep the bike upright when it's sationary (okay fixed-gear riders, take your trackstand to the velodrome and shut the fuck up). An embaressing fall usually comes after the bike comes to a complete halt. I counted 7 falls today. Gotta practice more I guess.


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