Friday, May 26, 2006

acoustic essentials

so i visited the icu-ed classmate 4 days ago.. he was a mess.. but he looks like he's in a stable condition, though his sis told me that his condition was "critical".. the icu-ed classmate went for operation 3 days ago.. 1B/22 wishes him health and prays for his speedy recovery.. i tink we're gonna visit him tmr.. that is if esther or nas gives me a call.. sgh damn far sia..

todae i ate more than what i shld have eaten in a day.. it's good to be a fat fuck sometimes =D

i nvr really appreaciated the tings u do.. i couldn't care less.. but now with all the dwindling health problems and the sudden changes in character, i cannot help but be suspicious.. are u hinding something frm me? are u gonna wait for the final moments till u finally reveal it to me? or are u keeping all this frm me so that i wouldn't be burdened more than i already have been? or are u afraid to tell? are u embaressed in front of me? or am i just not open enough? do u tink i won't have the heart to take it? i dunno so plz tell..

i tink i'm gonna sell of my whole music cd collection.. all 105 of them.. i tink i can make like $2 frm each cd, which would total up to be $210.. KA-CHING!! hahahahaha.. then i'll be one step closer to that epiphone les paul.. =P

Sunday, May 21, 2006

them blues

ouh baby, look how u got me standing 'round crying..
ouh baby, look how u got me standing 'round crying..
u ain't my darling baby girl, but u're always resting on my mind..

ouh baby, you ain't nothing like you used to be..
ouh baby, you ain't nothing like you used to be..
When I was deep in love with you, little girl, you were just sweet as an apple on a tree..

ahh the blues.. i love them.. esp 12 bar blues songs.. =D

i'm finally learning A maths.. in poly.. hahaha.. shld have paid attention during sec sch.. instead of dreaming.. actually i wasn't dreaming.. i was put off by my results.. hehehe.. so i just gave it up lor.. =P now regret leh.. hahaha.. anyway ppl shldn't dwell on the past.. "don't look back on the people of your past, because there is a good reason they didn't make it into your present and future".. hahahaha veri veri true.. props to xin yun for that.. =D

i wanna form another band in SP.. i want i want i want i want.. but hw to get contacts.. arh dat's the prob.. haiyo..

recently found out my classmate was hospitalised and ICU-ed for a motobike accident.. his family don't seem to want to reveal the details abt it.. i hope he is on the road to a speedy recovery.. this kinda made he think twice abt buying a bike.. it's fucking dangerous.. would be cool though to ride to campus.. hahahaha.. but a car is much much much more safer.. plus it's air-conditioned!! =P

but still.. there's plenty of room in hotel california =D

Thursday, May 18, 2006

vnvr go sch

to go to class or not to go to class.. dat is the qns.. okok so it's a shakespere cliche.. but i like it =D

i'm not going.. lazy man.. CADD can wait.. =P i'll come after lunch..

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

network marketing

so i had coffee with my long lost primary school classmate, tiara, in SP.. good to see her after soooo long.. looked the same eh except for the shit-coloured jc uni.. =P brought her to the starbucks but not starbucks, high-class but not high-class coffee house (stupid and lame inside joke).. Ngu tien something lah the name.. vietnamese coffee are laden with agent orange!! yay!! the coffee is nice but when it gets to the end, it becomes like some lumpy thingy.. blekk!!

1530.. arh.. avionics club thing.. my back-up cca in case i dont get accepted into gtr club.. which be a bummer ah.. everyday make airplane model i tink i will be bored like anak kambing..

then 1645 like that.. discuss crs abit.. but unfortunately the laptop batt finish.. so just lepak at the coffee house.. stupid ppl making so much noise and then one guy tripped over a dustpan.. stupid idoit.. then the whole place like went dead quiet.. cemetery-esque.. apologies to aunties and student were made.. smile here smile there.. sorry here sorry there.. and everything was forgotten and the whole place turned into a freeking market after dat..

1900.. went to this VENTURE ERA place near lau pa sat.. network marketing nonsense.. listened to ppl in their 20-something *pokes at jamie cullum* in blazers and suits (veri professional looking mind you) talking abt their product.. lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala...... boring giler babi.. but.. HOT professional WOMEN in POWER SUITS were also there.. POWER SUITS!!! they already look soo attractive but POWER SUITS!! woah.. dat just takes the cake there..

then i got lost near lau pa sat area.. i could'nt find raffles place mrt.. good thing the security guard was helpful..


Sunday, May 14, 2006

fuck lar

problems are like gangsters.. when they come in a big group you are fucked..

urgh.. i was like chain-smoking the day before.. finished 30+ ciggies in a span of around 8 hours.. no exageration there seriouly.. i know.. it's crazy.. i cnt help it.. i'm a self mutilator when i get stressed.. not the "slit your wrist until it freeking bleeds" kind, which by the way i truly admire them for their courage, however wrong their actions mayb.. i'm more of the "fuck life, i wanna get wasted" kind and it seems to drown all my sorrows into the muddy banks of wishka..

however my head still aches a little.. my arms are twitching abit.. nope it's not parkinson's so there's no need to worry..

eric clapton is a wuss.. he betrayed blues and went into the gospel bandwagon.. wat an idiot!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

matair sini sane mcm anak kambing

guy : ello
girl: ello dahling!!
guy : u pat mane?
girl: i pat rumah ni..
guy : ouh.. i pon pat rumah.. u ngah buat ape?
jap i teke.. urm.. u ngah main gitar?
girl: eh? mcm mane u agak? wah wah nampaknye
ade org tu psychic seh.. (laughs)
guy : (laughs mcm anak kambing)
guy : (women's voice in background) eh sayang,
mane u pegi i carik u pat the whole
campus tak dapat seh.. u avoiding i ke
girl: OI!! u ngan sape tu?!? pompuan eh?!?
u two timing i kepe?
guy : takde lah dahling.. tu kawan i aje lah..
u tak percaye i ke..
girl: ARH!! penipu nye anak.. dah lah!! kite
break!! i am through with you!!
guy : oib jap..
girl: (hangs up phone)
guy : pompuan pompuan.. (shakes kepale)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

malas arh!!!

peeple took cover behind each other.. some cowered and retreated to the back cabins of the train.. some just took it head on, however, they knew that they are not gonna come out alive.. all their defensive tactics would soon be futile.. for the BODY ODOUR division trounced all their defences macam anak kambing.. we showed no mercy.. yusof and kamal gave them no chance.. if illyas were join us in the train, i tink there would be more casualties.. hahahah.. yay.. words of advice: if u play soccer, after that plz dont ride the mrt.. or people would start fainting before your very eyes.. =D

i am very worried abt the SP guitarist audition.. although i was better than the guy beside me (he played green day's time of your life).. i'm still scared.. although i got a loud appaulse.. i'm STILL scared!! it's not gloating or anything.. but they were alot of people.. scared lah!!! wat if i cnt join?? wat if they reject me?? it's the end for me.. i want this cca really bad..

there's a ghost on the mrt train!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

saturday afternoon..

started my day veri early.. at 4am.. after another 13-hour sleep marathon.. it's crazy here.. i get ample rest yet i'm still tired.. i dunno wat is happening to me!! i went online.. chat abit.. then go to sleep back.. woke up at ard noon.. went online again.. i didnt study as i promised, but who cares anyway.. not me anyway.. so fnd and yus came by at 7pm.. we play guitar.. and some more guitar.. and a little more guitar.. not forgetting that we we not supposed to forget to play guitar.. then i played fnd's guitar.. fnd played my guitar.. i played yus' guitar.. yus played my guitar.. fnd played yus' guitar.. yus played fnd's guitar.. we played until my neighbour came to my window and ask us to shut up.. they said we were noisy.. i'll tell u wat is noisy.. 4 people playing mahjong in the middle of the nite AND their 3 kids playing soccer and badminton and dog n bone on MY corridor.. DAT's noise.. cnt stand a bunch of MALAYS playing musical instruments? then go live with LKY.. i'm sure he wouldn't mind.. elections.. yay.. PAP won most seats.. yawn.. not surprised.. they win everytime.. i'm a camera-whore.. and no it is not an activity reserved only for the handsome and beautiful.. fuckers and retards also do it too.. =D don't let me be alone with a digital camera.. or else this kind of nonsense would happen..

Friday, May 05, 2006

weekend baby!!

tmr is saturday!! YEA!! wat a great day to be spent swimming and floating abt in the pool but instead.. i'll be spending the day cooped up in my room studying for tuesday's PEEE test.. :-( wat an anti-climax.. bluek..

monday is the SP guitarist club audition.. i hope i do well.. i'll play mccartney's yesterday.. then followed by clapton's layla, the solo.. it shld be enough for me to gain entry.. i hope.. NO!! must have self-confidence!! I CAN DO IT!! lalalalala..

someone's blog post just pissed me the fuck off me todae.. but hey.. watever tmr brings i'll be there..

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

PAP rally

it takes coffeeshop full of charisma to be a member of parliment.. seeing yatiman yusof on the podium, rallying all the attendees together to support the PAP, i cannot help thinking that behind this arragont facade, lies a very humble and homely person, who knows where his roots are (wherever it may be..).. i know this from personal experience.. during junyuan sec's speech day, he was bestowed the honour of V.I.P. during his entrance, the audience would stand up in applause.. as he was making his way towards his seat, he passed by a malay man.. mr. yusof stuck out his hand forward without hesitation and proceded to 'salam' (greet) the man.. it may seem like a very small gesture.. but such humble acts are extremely rare in today's society.. and i am glad that people like him still do exist today, although their populations are minute..

i found the havanian slippers.. but they were many sizes to small.. argh.. and i'm $30 poorer tks to a stupid rule that fines students for wearing slippers to sch.. argh.. i must sell things on ebay.. get me some dough to buy some clothes.. or cigarettes.. NO!! no more cigarettes.. i'll ask them from nas, yusof (not yatiman yusof lah..) and tim.. hahahaha i'll save money like that.. =P

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

was i late?

holy shit!! 7am!! late!!! i quickly bathe and do all the common morning routines and when out looking like a clown on a skateboard.. one short bus ride and then aboard the mrt choo-choo train and i have already reached campus..

i was the door of the T12625.. then a thought came to my mind.. is the day today monday? FUCK!!! today's fucking tuesday!! lesson starts at 1pm!! stupid stupid.. argh shit happens.. my memory is being warped by a foreign being, help me!! so i'm sitting in T15 all by my lonesome self, doing some revision and a little bit of people-watching.. i've noticed that people get intimidated when they are stared at.. which leads to only one conclusion: people are insecure about how they look.. or... it could be that they feel that a would-be pervert is eyeing them.. either way.. it makes no sense.. people should be proud that people are paying attention, at least to a a certain extent, to them... then maybe staring incidents leading to gangster nonsense would finally end..

just a couple of hours away until my lesson starts.. i hope my laptop battery life can take it.. laptop battery life is soo pathetic..

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