Wednesday, May 17, 2006

network marketing

so i had coffee with my long lost primary school classmate, tiara, in SP.. good to see her after soooo long.. looked the same eh except for the shit-coloured jc uni.. =P brought her to the starbucks but not starbucks, high-class but not high-class coffee house (stupid and lame inside joke).. Ngu tien something lah the name.. vietnamese coffee are laden with agent orange!! yay!! the coffee is nice but when it gets to the end, it becomes like some lumpy thingy.. blekk!!

1530.. arh.. avionics club thing.. my back-up cca in case i dont get accepted into gtr club.. which be a bummer ah.. everyday make airplane model i tink i will be bored like anak kambing..

then 1645 like that.. discuss crs abit.. but unfortunately the laptop batt finish.. so just lepak at the coffee house.. stupid ppl making so much noise and then one guy tripped over a dustpan.. stupid idoit.. then the whole place like went dead quiet.. cemetery-esque.. apologies to aunties and student were made.. smile here smile there.. sorry here sorry there.. and everything was forgotten and the whole place turned into a freeking market after dat..

1900.. went to this VENTURE ERA place near lau pa sat.. network marketing nonsense.. listened to ppl in their 20-something *pokes at jamie cullum* in blazers and suits (veri professional looking mind you) talking abt their product.. lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala...... boring giler babi.. but.. HOT professional WOMEN in POWER SUITS were also there.. POWER SUITS!!! they already look soo attractive but POWER SUITS!! woah.. dat just takes the cake there..

then i got lost near lau pa sat area.. i could'nt find raffles place mrt.. good thing the security guard was helpful..

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