Thursday, March 29, 2007


i'm on a spending spree and nobody's gonna hold me back!!!
would post pics of my purchases soon! =)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

toyo pen

yeah the pay for the IT show stint has arrived!!
i'm working at a factory in ubi, packing handphones.
it's way more lenient than the one in kallang, movement-wise
i'm chained to the desk while at kallang.
this ubi one at least can makan gaji buta a little.
walk there walk here, go toilet break every hour
woo yeah
hur hur hur

so it's gonna be work everyday until 31 march i guess
can't have late night crapping sessions with esther anymore =(

Friday, March 16, 2007

kaki king

ain't she adorable? she is to me. there's this unique shyness in her smile that makes me so attracted to her. she would be the girl you always see sitting all alone at the back of the lecture theatre, munching on bread and apple. she's got this air of innocence surrounding her. you wouldn't have guessed that this hot chick plays guitar. and not in the traditional style. she uses the guitar as a precussion tool and combines that with tapping and slap-and-pop styles. she's such a wonder to watch live. i remember my first encounter with her. i was browsing thru a guitar magazine in some library, then i encountered an article about NAMM (some guitar festival in the states). there was this small sidenote about Kaki King and they have a picture of her live, her hands were over the guitar neck and she seemed to be playing it like a piano. or something similar.. i didnt really bother reading about it, coz i was too buzy laughing at her name. c'mon.. KAKI!! wtf!.. well that was more than a year back. that was until two days ago. i stumbled upon this thread on about her, and there was a link to her video on youtube (they have everything anyways). being too bored looking at other people's expensive pedalboards, i decided to open the vid. wow. omg. fuhyo. wow. i was totally blown away. like woah. like totally swept me of my feet. the vid was titled 'playing with pink noise'. it was 3 minutes of nothing that i have ever seen b4. (sure i had seen nathan montgomery's 'blues for tuck' before, he had similar if not the same technique. but that was by a guy, this was by a WOMAN) amazing talent.

i plan to buy all her albums. i hope HMV stocks them. and i hope their prices are below $25. (wanted to get mark lanegan's 'bubblegum' there, but i was put off at the price tag; $45, for ONE cd) if they dont have, then there's always roxy.. hur hur hur.. i cnt wait for my pay to come.. faster lah.. yummy.. ouh yea.. did i mention that she's lesbian? =)

Monday, March 12, 2007


my second home for the last four days.

there wasnt the politics and backstabbing while i was in 7-11. there wasnt the tiresome afternoons and lonesome train and bus rides while i was with 141 headcount doing mystery shopping. there wasnt the monotonous and repetitive shit while i was working with in some factory. those jobs were a joke compared to this one. i had found my PERFECT occupation.

11 hours everyday at the booth for the past four days. 11 hours of non-stop chatter and pursuasion. 11 hours of jokes with colleagues. 11 hours of customers asking for extended discounts and having to disappoint them. 11 hours of hair wax and hair spray on my head. 11 hours of looking at the two hot babes at the ipod store in front of me. 11 hours of fun.

1. a customer approaches me.
2. i sweet talk him/her into buying the product.
3. i write the order form.
4. i accompany him/her to the cashier.
5.i look at my watch.
6. wow. 20 minutes gone.
7. next customer.
8. repeat all above.
it seems boring in text, but every customer is different. different attitudes, different ways to let their guard down. different methods of penetration. it's like football, no two matches will be the same. i've enjoyed every moment of conversation with these strangers, it's like you can let yourself loose around them, yet not feel ashamed of anything because 18 minutes later, they won't remember who you are. i had soo much fun these past four days. i wish it could last a little longer. i cant wait for the next IT fair.

ouh yea.. thanks ESTHER for coming down on the first day to see me (even though your original intention is to buy ipod cover tt day) =) and SALIHIN for turning up on the last day (sorry couldnt layan you tt much, was busy with customers from nigeria) =)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Singapore Polytechnic 2006/2007 S2 Examination Results

Student ID: 0611099

Module Code - Credit Unit - Grade --------------------------------- ET060Z (PEEE) - A ET061Z (DE) - A SP0301 (Character Development) - B ST005A (Discovering Music) - B+ ET062Z (Project Work) - B+ ET0083 (Structured Programming) - D+ MS516Z (Engineering Maths) - D+




my money from the factory work three weeks ago just ran dry. working at the IT exhibition @ suntec city from thursday till sunday. it pays $160 for the whole four days. money would go to buying my clothes. i hate wearing jeans to school because whenever i play soccer, i have to roll the pants up. urgh.. so i guess it's bermudas and broadshorts for me. and havaianas, which i feel are overpriced slippa jepon, but hey, they look more fashionable than ah peck sandals. it's not that i go to sch for fashion blah blah, but i believe that if you look good, you feel good. buying at least 4 t-shirts. i'd have to stop myself from buying them in black though. i have too many black t-shirts. i have too many band t-shirts too, which are coincidentally black too. i need to get coloured tees. and i'm counting my chickens b4 they hatch. yay.

Monday, March 05, 2007


i carry this huge 7kg board over my shoulders for two days every week. i come out of the house, i bang at people in the coffeeshop. i take 222 to the mrt. i almost knock down an innocent lady. i go thru the ticket gantry, security would bring me one side and check the bag. i tell them 'guitar pedals, no bomb here', with a cheeky smile of course. i alight at bugis, i have to wait for the asses to pass thru the big gantry on the opposite side b4 i can go thru. i walk 200m to the jamming studio. jeng jeng jeng for 2 hours. pack up. go zam zam eat. have to park the 7kg crap against the wall all the way at the back of the restaurant. eat eat talk talk joke joke. one hour gone. walk to bugis mrt again. same problems again. then i walk home from bedok mrt because i wanna save my cash. i go home exhausted. the only thing i wanna do next is sleep.
relationships are like making pancakes, you fuck up the first one, but with every subsequent one you get better with it.
here's what i've learnt during my affair with tiara, and what i'm gonna do if another pancake, i mean girl comes along:
1. once a girl asks for space, it's time to break it off. she doesnt love you anymore. period.
2. sexual acts every weekend is unhealthy for the soul
3. listen to what frens have to say, and heed their advice, they know wat's good for you
4. dont get her anything expensive, she will not appreaciate it
5. dont make for her anything, she will not appreaciate it
6. be wary of a women's persuasive powers, and do not fall for their tricks
7. women with roving eyes are not worthy of your attention
8. trust is important, but ignorance is often the way to go
9. karma bites the hardest when it comes to relationships, you fool around with dhaifina, she'll fool around with another fucktard
10. no girl can beat the company of my buddies

Saturday, March 03, 2007


please stop what you're doing to me.
it's making me bleed.
it's making my nights long and sleepless.
please stop it.
you're hurting me.
you're causing so much misery
please, please stop doing that.
i'm dying here.
please god.
erase tiara completely from my mind.
please god.
i can't bear to love her anymore.
please god.
make it easy for me to forget her.
please god, just this once

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