Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Bikes!!

I needed a new commuter/errand bike ever since my trusty piyopiyo lady bike crapped out on me. I tried ebay, but the bikes being sold were either over my budget or just plain crappy. There aren't many avenues for selling and buying secondhand goods online. Ebay Singapore has been pretty quiet, even after the closure of Singapore's Yahoo! Auctions.

Craiglist Singapore is also quiet, but I decided to try my luck there. Chanced upon an ok looking MTB. Called the guy to arrange a viewing of the bike. I was quite satisfied with it's condition. Parted with my $100 and then cycled home.
Ok cool. I got myself a sturdy commuter to cycle the MRT. After waking up today, I did my usual morning routine of bike/run/guitar forums. I was on the togoparts forum when a hot ad regarding a bike giveaway came through. Fumbled with my phone and called the guy to ask his location. He said he was in Bedok South. Just my fucking luck!! I quickly put on my shirt and scrambled out the door.

Arrived just 2 minutes ahead of an elderly couple who were also keen on the bike. I was kinda bracing myself for a spat between me and the woman who was also there for the bike, who according to the seller, she was the one who called first (but I arrived first). However, I think the sight of my hands firmly planted on the top tube and the saddle unconscienely told her that this bike already belongs me. YEAH!!
80's Italian Steel Chromoly Frame!

Threadless Spree #02

Fuck yeah! Another one!

Check out the spreetastic website for upcoming threadless/f21/hottopic sprees!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Here's how it sounds like!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Finally! An update on the project!

One down. 5 more to go!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Threadless Spree #01

I was having lunch with my family when the UPS man came to the door.

6lb box
Hmm so it's from Threadless?
SO what's inside?

A box full of awesome shirts!

It feels good to be doing this with my sis. We can finally collaborate on something.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Deep Shit

Looks like I didn't even have to give my two week's notice. He fired me on the spot. Then he called the police and the next thing I know I'm spending 8 hours under police custody. Awesome job you sonofawhore.

Who am I kidding? I dug my own grave and now I'm buried under 6 feet of shit. It's time for a change Kamal.


Enough is enough. I could live with the verbal abuse, but I draw the line at physical contact. I'm giving my two week's notice tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


After a sleepless gaming marathon at effendi's the night before, I groggily propped my ass on my bike and headed to ECP to yet another marathon, the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. Not as a participant though, but as a rouge photographer. Pictures here.

One picture that I really love. They look absolutely adorable together, no? If love is a marathon, then I think this couple best represents that statement. I hope they realize that they've got something special going on. That guy and girl in the picture could have been me and my better half a couple of years ago. If some fucking genie were to appear in front of me right now and grant me a single wish, I would go back in time and undo all my mistakes. Screw world hunger and world peace. They're not as important.

My only two regrets in life so far are selling away all my guitars and treating her like an expandable pawn. Unlike guitars, she can't be bought back. Some things in life are just plain impossible to achieve, like for me to get 19-inch biceps and owning a Cervelo S1. A sub-3 hour marathon and a 4 minute mile are also way out of my grasp, but I feel that being with her again isn't.

Maybe we'll cross paths again, just like we did last time. Maybe I'll have a terminal disease when I'm 75, and if she doesn't want to get haunted for the remainder of her life, she'll fulfill my death wish of seeing her. Maybe then I'll tell her all the things I've wanted to say all this while.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Suddenly got so many multi-sports events to take part in next year!! YEAH!!

Raw Duathlon (Perfect belated birthday present! Plus it's near my home!)

Tri-factor Series (4 races for $99! Damn! I'm not confident enough for the swim and the tri though)

Tribob Sprint Series (The duathlon's too far away though. Have to get a cab or my dad to send me there)

OCBC Cycle Singapore (Not a multi-sport. It's cycling only. Again, the distance is far from home. Cab or dad's car)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

No One Knows You're Foreign

Ordered from Cost $32 including shipping.

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Friday, December 05, 2008

RoadID M.O. / Sports and Fitness Expo

After 3 torturous days of waiting, the package finally landed on Singapore soil. I waited anxiously for the UPS guy to arrive at my doorstep. He finally came at around 3.30pm. I got to handle the uber-cool electronic signature device which looks like a swollen pda. Cool. Weighs close to 1lb. Yeah. Documents and order information Finally, the thing that we've all been waiting for! Thank you SGRunners for giving me the opportunity to lead this mass order! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

There was a fitness expo that was held in-conjunction with the SCSM race pack collection. I went there this afternoon to have a peek. It's not much different than last year's expo. Same old exhibitors, with the exception of Rudy Project that is. I must have missed them last year. Oh well, I wasn't in the market for sports sunglasses back then, but I am now!

Talked for about 20 mintues to the rep regarding prescription sunglasses and the models that accept clip-ons glasses. She recommended me the Rydon, which was this super sleek half-rimmed model that looked absolutely gorgeous. After trying it on, I decided that I would be a lesser man if I went home without it. Sadly, my wallet didn't agree with me and told me to wait for next month's paycheck to arrive. Bummer. A couple of TIMEX watches on display. I was disappointed that the two models in the foreground lacked lap memory. I would have flipped my Polar RS200 in a heartbeat if those watches had that feature. The sexy bikes on display. This made the whole trip worthwhile.

Monday, December 01, 2008


Waiting for
1. Exams to be over, so I can finally ride my bike

2. The RoadID mass order that I organized

3. Kelli Rudick's 'No One Knows You're Foreign' CD

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