Tuesday, December 16, 2008


After a sleepless gaming marathon at effendi's the night before, I groggily propped my ass on my bike and headed to ECP to yet another marathon, the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. Not as a participant though, but as a rouge photographer. Pictures here.

One picture that I really love. They look absolutely adorable together, no? If love is a marathon, then I think this couple best represents that statement. I hope they realize that they've got something special going on. That guy and girl in the picture could have been me and my better half a couple of years ago. If some fucking genie were to appear in front of me right now and grant me a single wish, I would go back in time and undo all my mistakes. Screw world hunger and world peace. They're not as important.

My only two regrets in life so far are selling away all my guitars and treating her like an expandable pawn. Unlike guitars, she can't be bought back. Some things in life are just plain impossible to achieve, like for me to get 19-inch biceps and owning a Cervelo S1. A sub-3 hour marathon and a 4 minute mile are also way out of my grasp, but I feel that being with her again isn't.

Maybe we'll cross paths again, just like we did last time. Maybe I'll have a terminal disease when I'm 75, and if she doesn't want to get haunted for the remainder of her life, she'll fulfill my death wish of seeing her. Maybe then I'll tell her all the things I've wanted to say all this while.
your last para. is so sweet.
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