Sunday, June 25, 2006

tmr's mst

dreams are meant to be shattered, promises are meant to be broken and people are meant to disappoint.. i'm dwelling in finger-picking guitar nowadays.. so tt in case i dont have a pick with me i can still play.. hahahaha

Thursday, June 22, 2006

ping zhao is talking to me on the phone now.. yes at 1.38 in the morning.. crazy son of a gun.. he asked me whether i'm awake.. fuck yeah i'm awake!! mugging ler.. ok before u get any funny ideas regarding my sexual orientation, this is wat we talked about.. some girl called him a boring person.. he then asked me whether if he really is a boring person.. i said no ler.. u dont noe ping zhao of course lah u say he boring.. it takes time to open up wat.. it's all tactics.. if u become an open book, everybody noes every single detail abt u.. no fun.. u must turn the pages slowly and get urslef a good read.. word by word, sentence by sentence, page by page, chapter by chapter.. it'll be like one exciting adventure.. and if u like the book, keep it.. dont like give me k? awkward, silly, dreamy, surprising, stupid, romantic, hot, steamy moments were shared with the g/f todae.. baby we seriously need to take it S-L-O-W.. i wanna study but i'm lazy.. ahh just leave it to tmr ler.. PROCRASTINATOR..

Friday, June 16, 2006


my clock says it's 3.38am.. why am i still awake?! ouh yeah here's the reason.. pep talk frm dad.. "marul, skarang dah poly, jgn main-main lagik.. org lain nak masok poly tau.. kau dah masok keje kuat sikit.. jgn malas malas.. jgn matair matair.. ok?" ok.. guilty feelings.. i've been lazy this whole week.. i've nvr followed my study timetable.. eh wait.. i dont even have one.. so, here i am in front of the comp, doing revision.. i've got no foolscap paper.. so i'm doing all the sums and stuff mentally. which sucks lah btw.. ur brain can only take in so much.. and for sake of pessimists out there, ur brain can only take so little.. =P ok the rage with pessismism these days is overwhelming.. the bottle is half-empty.. ur hp batt almost diying.. ur guitar only got 1 string missing.. wat else? FUCK LAR.. the bottle is half-full.. the hp batt still has life in it's soul.. and my guitar still has 5 strings in it.. my pinky is shreded.. there's 7 parallel papercuts(?) on it.. it hurts badly when i press on my strings.. ok i had nothing to do so i came up with this guide to bgrs.. 1.manja phase (2 weeks to 2 months) -in this phase, both parties would be talking to each other romantically.. like stupid love birds perched on electrical wires.. whispers of sweet nothings in each others ears.. the occasional "ouh i'm sori i didnt mean to touch ur hand but cant u see tt i'm hinting at u for u to hold my hand" scenarios.. stupid name-calling, the sweet kind.. baby, darling, honey 2.serious phase (2 months to 6 months) -in this phase, in which i wouyld like to call the "motek" phase, both parties would make unholy confessions to each other.. dont understand?? guy confesses to girl, "baby, i sayang u".. the grl would then procede to melt in his arms.. all lovey dovey shite.. she would softly say, "'je 'taime, my prince chariming".. ok wat happens nxt is then explicit contents.. (making out under the blok, the lift, her home, his home, toilet, the stairwell, train, lrt, mrt, subway stations, need i continue??) they would almost be on the brink of "doing it".. ok after this phase there are two alternate endings.. 3-1.happily ever after ending -girl and guy get married.. have kids.. and the kids do nonsense stuffies on other ppl's kids 3-2.break up ending -"it's not you, it's me".. yeah grand daddy of of breaking up excuses.. go thier separate ways.. they may rekindle their love in the future.. but highly unlikely (see.. pessimism again..) 3-3.mat and minah ending -ok this ending only applies to mats and minahs.. mat hv pms with minah.. minah gets pregnant.. they have shotgun wedding.. their parents disown them.. the baby is born.. minah goes to watch s-league match with mat.. carries one baby.. her sister carries her other baby.. she goes ard acting big when she looks 17.. she shows off her babies to her minah frens.. the mat go relek with his members.. the mat then go bird hunting with his members.. the minah caught them red-handed.. they argue at the coffeeshop.. the minah say to mat, "eh kalau u suke dier sangat, u pegi kawin ngan dier arh!" long story cut short.. they divorce and contribute to the increasing number of malay divorces in Singapore.. yayness

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

walau wei

i wanna trade my w550i for a k750i..

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


ok taday's day was all spent outside of the home.. went to meet her at dhoby ghauht (is tt how u spell it?) mrt station.. went to plaza singapura and OMFG.. the yamaha store there is sooo FUCKING BIG!! a far cry from tt puny one in TM.. hahaha then wanted to watch the omen.. but... it was screening at 1450.. we were there at 1230.. after some decision making, abielt, scissors paper stone combat (hahaha), decided to go to cathay.. but... the movie was also showed late.. urgh.. this is wat u get when udont check movie screenings before u go out.. so we were hungry.. fucking hungry.. had lunch at long john's silver.. hahhaha tt cracks me up every single time!! ok i tink i may be the only one who sports the humour in tt name.. =P ok anyways go figure.. then i sent her home.. i'll spare the details k.. =D i came bck at 5pm on the dot.. just nice.. my father was gg out.. he asked me to follow.. i got nothing betr to do so i did.. fetched mom at the workplace and then drove to this LTA HQ.. buying handphone plan for the sis.. long queue + nothing to do = a grumpy son.. hahha luckily there was a pool table.. so while mom was queueing.. me, sis, dad played pool.. and i owe dad $10.. =P this is wat u get when u go cocky after two consecutive wins.. hahha.. then dinner at this lousy place.. ok hu the fuck brings in the side orders first and the main dish last?! ouh and there's like a 30 minute delay bet the first dish served and the main dish.. urgh.. don't ever test the patience of a hungry man.. so we were like waiting.. and waiting.. WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT IKAN PARI DISH?!?! i tink eternity passed before they FINALLY served tt dish.. urgh.. the table beside us was also ordering the same thing.. hahha happy waiting.. =D went home after tt bad experience.. now i'm wating for ping zhao and his bro to come to my house.. they are gonna watch world cup.. and eat PRATA!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

monday monday

i'll dedicate this post to my parents.. coz i fucking feel like it =D MA tks for -waking me up at 5.30 when u noe i have sch on tt day -remembering to give me money the nxt morning when i ask for money the night before -cooking roti john when i have tt craving -making for me teh susu even when i don't ask for it -returning me the moeny tt pa borrowed frm me -teaching me how to eat crabs -putting up with my gtr noise -following me to cash converter to sell away my gtr -buying me the laptop -screwing me upside down when u found ciggies in my drawer -peeling the prawns for me -enrolling me for ngaji -the delicious dory asam pedas -scolding me when i blew my savings on stuff -telling me that there are more to malay kuehs than epok-epok only -making the house squeeky clean -working ur ass off to feed the family -worrying when i came back at 3am -money for kopi-o -the ikan pari asam pedas -the study lamp -the home-made roti johns -the many spectacles tt u bought for me, and broke before it's 6 months old -jack johnson cd -my first guitar -subscribing to the world cup channels -keeping it together PA tks for -making my bed every morning, coz i'm too fucking lazy -folding all my clothes in my cupboard, even though it will be a messy heap again after abt one week -standing up for me when i was in pri 2 -surprising me with gtr strings -cleaning up my room -teaching me how to eat crabs -peeling the prawns -helping me move furniture in my room -that gtr cable -serenaide cd -making the house spotless -cleaning my book cupboard -the cheese pratas -putting up with my gtr noise -telling me tt u are gonna borrow my money -asking for my predictions on soccer matches so u can bet on them -holly valence cd -working ur ass off to feed the family -worrying when i came back at 3am -putting your arms over my shoulders -buying tt 7-11 laksa at 2am coz he noes i love it -your constant nagging for me to get a hangable cd rack -your optimism -asking me to pick numbers for 4D -screwing me upside down when u found ciggies in my drawer -subscribing to the world cup channels -keeping it together we nvr realise the importance of parents in our lives.. we take them for granted EVERY SINGLE TIME.. take a moment and write the good things that ur parents have done for selfish little you.. and then write down the good things that you have done to your parents.. if the former's list is longer than the latter's, go figure out wat u shld do..

Sunday, June 11, 2006


i have to do these things today..

1. PEEE ppt presentation
2. IDEAS ppt presentation
3. soldering circuit project 1
4. cadd

no world fucking cup for me today.. urgh..

Friday, June 09, 2006

o level cert

1st attempt: FAILED!! the sch was closed due to the upcoming elctions
2nd attempt: FAILED!! got turned away because i didn't return a library book
3rd attempt: SUCCESS!! i got my o level cert!!

guess third time's a charm then.. =D

so today is friday.. the international 'play your gtr until your fingers bleeds' day.. hahahhahha ok i made tt up.. =P

today.. i am officially BROKE.. no money.. bankrupt.. i have freeking no money.. aku takde duit atau wang.. aku pon takde shillings.. i am a poor man.. i have nothing on me except the clothes on my back..

MY CAT coco has got bloodied fur uder his chin.. he's got bald patches all over his body.. it's all frm catfights.. and seafood cat food.. poor coco..

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Holidays.. fucking NOT!!

i have to go to campus during the holidays!!! ARGH shitty shit

ok let's talk abt gays.. gays nowadays are opening up.. they are finally emeging out of their closets and for the first time, breathing in society's cruel and prejudical air.. i likened them to the transition of prehistoric animals frm water to land.. new area, new rules, new boundaries.. this makes them vulnerable, susceptible to attacks from the society that they live in.. the prejudice against these so-called "abnormal" people ard the world is very real.. violence against these people have been recorded all ard the world.. why? why the hatred?? orientations aside, arnt we all still human deep inside? the why the hatred? why the prejudice?? watever happened to tolerance?? watever happened to acceptence?? or are we afraid of them??

homophobics are no better then racist

Monday, June 05, 2006

music downloads

i dont support the downloading of music.. in fact i am against it.. yet, i ask other people to download them for me.. hahahahahaha ouh i'm a hypocrite =P

things that happen since the last time i updated..

1) sold my SAMICK triple-humbucker les-paul-ish electric gtr to cash converter.. :-( all for a measly $110.. i tried to haggle for a higher price but they just wouldn't budge!! so $110 it is.. (actually it's a good bargain.. considering that the gtr is spoilt!!) ouh i'm evil.. =P

2) bought a SAMICK classical electro-acoustic!! yayness.. =D so with the money i got from selling the spoilt gtr, i added another $70 to get my sweaty palms on this this gorgeous black beauty.. =D i went all the way to davis gtr centre in peninsula to get it.. then i went to campus for the gtr cca.. one minty fresh guitar in the room.. =D

3) while i was in peninsula i witnessed two muscians, one on bass and another on gtr, having an impromptu jam together in a music store.. OMG!! it was like they were testing out the instruments and out of the blue, the gtrist asked the bass player to play a groove, then he'll try to improvise.. HOLY SHIT they were brilliant!! they were so into the groove.. it was all "feel" playing.. all straight form the heart.. nothing was seperating them, short of a translucent wall of guitars.. =D

4) cheese prata will always and forever be my favourite food.. jalan kayu makes the best ones.. hahahahahhaahha went there with the family for only three weekends already and i'm hooked!! CHEESE PRATA IS THE WAY TO GO

5) ouh i'm quiting smoking.. =D yay yay.. hmm it's been.. 72 hours? hahahahaha.. my aim is to make it one week w/o that thingy.. the pictures on the ciggie boxes just just irk me... then i saw the new photos that they are planning to put on the boxes.. ouh shit they are disgusting!! i'll do my best to smother this addcition.. well.. it's not actually an addiction.. but if i can do it.. i'll buy myself two CHEESE PRATA as a reward!! hahahaha seriously hooked onto it.. =D

6) SOMEONE owns me lunch at DELIFRANCE.. and the x men movie is on you, i dont care!! hahahaha.... counting in french is sooo confusing.. =P and so's italian.. =P

7) ALERT ALERT!!! GAY COUPLES IN SINGAPORE ARE ON THE RISE!!! fuck saw this GAY couple HOLDING hands in town.. URGH!! then they were walking like nobody's business, unashamed of anything.. fuck if i could i'll take that ovation guitar standing all alone in the gramaphone store and introduce it to the heads of those GAYS.. yesh.. i'm homophobic..

8) 100% marks for both PEEE and DE practicals!!! HOORAY!!! they are gonna get me in mst's.. DIE..

9) it's the holidays again.. yay.. NOT!! gotta mug for mst's.. urgh.. i wonder why do they even bother to give us (the school-going population of SINGAPORE) holidays.. HOLIDAYS = RELEK, PLAY SOCCER.. NOT to study, and go to a freekingly far campus just to attend a talk on a diploma plus program!!

10) ouh diploma plus.. i was one of the (100?) shortlisted to be eligible to enrol for this diploma plus program.. it's similar to an industrial attachment program but instead, all is being done at campus.. i will be exposed to working life environments.. dat means.. real-life problems.. is office politics and back-stabbing gonna be on today's agenda??

11) i'm running out of shirts to wear.. dat's not the problem.. NO MONEY TO BUY NEW CLOTHES!! actually i have money.. but would rather spend it on something less perishable.. =P i guess it's gonna be the orange tee and shorts again tmr..

12) my laptop is being a pussy all of a sudden.. cnt play games on it.. cnt hear songs on it.. hell i'd be lucky if it booted up properly! hmm.. could it be that kaede matsushima is the evil genius behind this.. =P i hope not.. hahahha.. i was tinking of reformatting it.. but i'm a noob at reformatting.. in fact i've nvr reformatted a comp before.. ouh shit someone help me..

13) ouh just remembered.. all those spare ciggies i keep inside my gtr have gotta be thrown out.. yes.. i keep my ciggies in my guitar..

guess dat's it.. anyone up for another serving of CHEESE PRATA?? =P

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