Sunday, April 29, 2007


new addition to the family, the metal zone. finally i can chugga. before that i had to stomp on the ds-2 and lbmp and then scoop the eq on the amp to the max to get into metal territory. even then, i could get only halfway there. now all i hv to do is depress the mt-2, and chugga away. i'm just waiting for my rocktron tremolo to arrive, then i guess i'm done. i hvnt shampooed my hair in 17 days. i'm gonna break my record of 20 days.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

yeap it's that time of the year again

i remembered i was a pretty heavy smoker when i was in sec 2. all my life back then (until the end of sec 3) consisted of two things: football and cigarettes. it was fun for a couple of months, then it grew kinda old. i also remembered back then how imagined my 18th birthday to be like: 10 boxes of various brands of cigarettes in front of me and my buddies, a couple of bottles of some alcoholic drinks; all of it in a table under some random void deck. it was to be one drunk and rowdy night. everyone there would be like talking shit and do silly stuff like licking their armpit hair and pole-dancing on the lamp posts. hmmm..

that fortunately didnt happen. thank god.

nazirah made my day today. twice. =)

Monday, April 16, 2007

erm.. yea watever.. nevermind

erm.. the new school year started today.. *shrugs*

the two month holiday was awesome. i..
-worked 3 different jobs
-got dumped
-bought lotsa shirts
-bought lotsa cds
-bought havaianas
-bought my first mp3
-bought a pedalcase
-finally had time to fully focus on my fitness
-got to spend time with my friends
-found out that tool is not such a boring band after all

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