Thursday, September 27, 2007

Buka puasa @ Sultan Masjid = Heaven

I've been trying not to think about it. But.. Today is the the 3rd time this week that I went shisha-ing. The first one was with my band, well actually what's left of it. Tuesday's was with Jyss friends. Today was with my poly buddies. I hope it doesn't become a habit for me. The shisha part only lah. I must not veer away from my goal: HALF-MARATHON. Then a full one next year. Then an ultra (50+ km) the following year.

With alot of pushing and shoving from Yusof, I finally attempted to ask a girl's number. Yes. At the pathetic age of 18, I've yet the balls to come up to a chick and talk, and leave, with her number. The place was Al-Majlis something-something aka The Shisha Place. We walked there. I asked if I could sit down. She said yes. We talked. It was barely a minute. I was so nervous. My legs were shivering. It has happened before, when i was finger-fucking Tiara in Sun Plaza Park a year ago. And it was happening now. She offered me her strawberry shisha. I accepted. Mmmm.. Taste like SKL fags. Talked a bit. Asked if I could have her number. She said yes. Took out my phone. She dailed her number. Yeah!! SCORE!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

mmmm Shisha mmmm....

hur hur hur

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm back home

It's been such a spartan experience staying over at my gramp's place. Had to stay there because my house was undergoing some minor renovations. The one and only thing I missed about home? Internet.

Jammed f.o.c. at TP on Wednesday and Friday. I totally love the amp that I plugged into. It wasnt even a half-stack. It was a combo. COMBO. Stupid combo. But fuck it sounds so good! My Crunchbox sounded so 'open' through it. The in-built reverb was so lush. Putting a delay through it never sounded so awesome. It's probably has to do with those 12' speakers. Gear aside, jamming was woah. The highlight of it was the 30+ minute astreal shoegaze shit opera that we did, totally impromptu. Mind-blowing. The chemistry. Wow. Tried to do the same on Friday, but we somehow couldnt recreate the same magic on that warm Wednesday night.

I havent read a story book since I was 11. I hated reading. Why? Two words. Harry Potter. I bought one of the books, I think it was the 3rd one, on a whim because I had spare cash while shopping for school text books. I wanted to know what was the fuss all about. Read it. Couldnt understand shit. I went through about 150 pages before I gave up. Money wasted on such a stupid book. I hate wasting money. Harry Potter made me waste money. I hate Harry Potter. Reading made me waste money. I hate reading. And so the hatred blossomed. After a 6 year hiatus, I decided to give it one more chance. Went to SP library, picked up Stephen King's Firestarter. I knew nothing about Stephen King's books, but I trust on his reputation for creating great pee-in-your-pants horror stories. I'm halfway through it. So far so good.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

NGD (new guitar day)

Went to City Hall yesterday. Sold my Cort M200 to this 14-ish Malay dude for $270. Immediately went to Ranking at Bras Basah. Looked at the guitar rack. Brought down two teles, Squier Tele Cali and J&D tele copy. Plugged the Squier first. The bridge was a six-saddle, plus points for that. Impressive cleans. I love the warmness with the neck pup engaged. Sounds awesome with light dirt too. Switched to the bridge pup and it's instant hard rock. Coolio..

Plugged in the J&D next. Sounds brighter than the Squier. The neck was not as smooth as the Squier. Neck pup on the J&D was pretty bright too. i didnt like that. The pickguard was very shabby. And with a 3-saddle bridge, intonation's going to be a big headache.

Decided on the Squier Tele cali. Blew $270 on the guitar. Borrowed $20 from effendi for a guitar bag. I'll pay asap.

I have always loved the simplicity of the telecaster. Gonna swap the pups for SDs and Dimarzios.

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