Friday, November 30, 2007

MST results

Aircraft Materials and Maintenance Practices - 35/60
Physics - 74/100
Engineering Maths II (A) - 94.5/100
Analog Communications Systems - 84/100
Circuit Analysis - 93/100

I studied so hard. I guess I deserve those marks. I'm so happy. =D

Monday, November 26, 2007


Most awesome running singlet ever. Most hideously fugly bag ever. 6 more days.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i need new shoes, or a new hobby.

Never would I have thought that this day would come. The day when running becomes a fucking chore and every single step is filled with dread and misery. Well, it's not only been a day. The past three running days are so fucked up. My left shin hurts like hell. I think I have shin splits.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

So, so empty.

When I stepped into my home just minutes ago, I felt a cloud of emptiness descend upon me. It felt totally weird. It's like I have no purpose in life. I've never felt anything like this before.

I realised that everyone I know seems to be attached or pursuing their love interest, and are successful at it. Then there's me. All alone and loveless. Not a single blimp on my love radar. Sure, I like a certain miss Wardha from running EP and a certain miss Sarah from CG gems. But honestly, I can't see any of it going anywhere. I'm always contented to sit back and let nature do the work. "If it's meant to be, then it's meant to be"; is the mantra I (used to) live by. I can't see myself taking the initiative. I can't see myself making the first move.

I don't know what triggered this feeling. It just seems unfair that some people have all the luck in love. They break up and after a few short weeks (or days) of theatrical boo-hoo and exaggerated depression, they're up on their feet and walking hand in hand through Orchard Road with the guy/girl she/he met at last sunday's John Mayer gig. I guess this is denial coming full circle and biting me in the ass. Denial from the breakup eons ago. I thought I could live without love. I thought I didn't need it. I thought people who crave for it are fools searching for Pandora's box. But gosh without it, i feel so, so empty.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Currently addicted to these artists..

I recently rediscovered the blues. Thanks to Kenny Wayne Shepherd. I really dig his phrasing. Pity he doesn't sing though. Fave tracks: Everybody Gets the Blues, Ledbetter Heights

Yes. A ridiculous name. But nobody does power pop better than Go!Go!7188. They also made a japanese requime sound so rockish. Fave tracks: Ukifune, Manatsu No Dance Hall.

18 more days to my half-marathon. Can't wait. I went swimming for the first time in 8+ months today. I need new running shoes. Eyeing the Mizuno Wave Precision 8. It's far lighter than my current Wave Rider 9 and also lacks some of the latest running technology but i don't mind. Price should be about $130 (street). Have to buy before I reach 1200km on my Wave Rider 9 (I'm on 700+km now)

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Recently reformatted my laptop. I feel like kicking myself for not doing it earlier. It was about 15 months overdue. Now, everything is just sooo smooth.. The boot-up and the shut-down is so quick! Damn! I FEEL THE SPEED BABEH!! I used to put it in hibernation because the boot-up alone took 12 minutes. If load up from hibernation, it's about 4 minutes tops.

Before, my mp3 had trouble syncing with the comp. When I want to transfer files over, the mp3 would just hang. Urgh.. I'd then have to find a safety pin (which I place just beside the laptop because this happens SO often) and reboot the the hanged mp3, and then start over, each time, praying that the mp3 would not hang. But I guess God does not listen to boys who sacrifice fasting (IF, it can be called a 'sacrifice') so that he can train for a stupid half-marathon that he eagerly sign-up for, not knowing if he can even go the distance. Yea, the mp3 keeps hanging and it seems that A Perfect Circle's 90 minute live concert video that effendi gave me was destined to be locked forever in Creative's vault. Hur hur hur.. Reformatting solved that.

I gotta find the guts to talk to that girl from SP running EP. She's so cute. She's in year 1. And I don't even know her fucking name. Yusof said that he saw her checking me out many times during last week's session. I know better than to trust an Indian's words. Hur hur hur.. Kidding lah..

Grace is always looking at me so weirdly whenever she sees me outside EP hours. Like on Monday. She always runs the track clockwise. I do the traditional counterclockwise. Whenever we pass by, she always look at me one kind! It's more like the 'hey-i-think-i've-seen-this-guy-before-but-i-am-not-sure-if-he-is-the-correct-person' kinda look, or stare, whatever. I tried ignoring, but her stare is so brutal I cannot help but look back! Lucky I was doing intervals (can rest-rest a little), or else I'll go crazy because of her.

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