Thursday, November 01, 2007


Recently reformatted my laptop. I feel like kicking myself for not doing it earlier. It was about 15 months overdue. Now, everything is just sooo smooth.. The boot-up and the shut-down is so quick! Damn! I FEEL THE SPEED BABEH!! I used to put it in hibernation because the boot-up alone took 12 minutes. If load up from hibernation, it's about 4 minutes tops.

Before, my mp3 had trouble syncing with the comp. When I want to transfer files over, the mp3 would just hang. Urgh.. I'd then have to find a safety pin (which I place just beside the laptop because this happens SO often) and reboot the the hanged mp3, and then start over, each time, praying that the mp3 would not hang. But I guess God does not listen to boys who sacrifice fasting (IF, it can be called a 'sacrifice') so that he can train for a stupid half-marathon that he eagerly sign-up for, not knowing if he can even go the distance. Yea, the mp3 keeps hanging and it seems that A Perfect Circle's 90 minute live concert video that effendi gave me was destined to be locked forever in Creative's vault. Hur hur hur.. Reformatting solved that.

I gotta find the guts to talk to that girl from SP running EP. She's so cute. She's in year 1. And I don't even know her fucking name. Yusof said that he saw her checking me out many times during last week's session. I know better than to trust an Indian's words. Hur hur hur.. Kidding lah..

Grace is always looking at me so weirdly whenever she sees me outside EP hours. Like on Monday. She always runs the track clockwise. I do the traditional counterclockwise. Whenever we pass by, she always look at me one kind! It's more like the 'hey-i-think-i've-seen-this-guy-before-but-i-am-not-sure-if-he-is-the-correct-person' kinda look, or stare, whatever. I tried ignoring, but her stare is so brutal I cannot help but look back! Lucky I was doing intervals (can rest-rest a little), or else I'll go crazy because of her.
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