Saturday, July 29, 2006

ronin ninor

ronin's gig -almost lost my voice -touched sean's guitar while he is playing it -got my spectacle's bent -took pictures with ronin it's amazing how they can stay so humble even when they soo good.. ronin = a bunch of homely people

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

i'm in macdonalds

yesterday i experienced a whole year's worth of air polution in just one day.. it's amazing how they all can get away with crimes against the environment while some of us who just wanna have a kickabout at the void deck get our names and i/c no. written down by the police on the back on a real estate flyer.. wat angers me the most is that they do not clean the area after they are done with watever they are doing.. no no no.. let's all leave the cleaning to the foreign workers. after all wat are they for rite? yea they're here to clean up after us. 'i dont wanna to get my YELLOW hands on rubbish'.. let the DARK ones handle it.. fuck you guys

Monday, July 17, 2006

baybeats '06

two words to sum up baybeats '06, fucking awesome.. electrico was electrifying lunarin went over the moon and my pockets are full of the posies no money = cant buy t-shirts or cds no money = cant eat no money = women run away from you

Friday, July 14, 2006

it's been one month

it's been one month =) time flies when u're having the time of your life =) i got myself a usb fan!! one more step to geekhood. or have i been there already.. hmm.. this tan line has got to go pronto

Saturday, July 08, 2006

i'm loving her

i could fall asleep in those eyes =D

Friday, July 07, 2006

i'm soo tired

these past days have been orite, if not, tiring.. thon-ed the whole morning on monday, surviving only on red-bull and black coffee.. last minute do the PEEE proj. alone.. yes i was doin the group project ALONE.. yayness ultraman.. but it would be worth it if i got the credit due.. but sadly, they wrongly thanked the person.. tuesday i when out on a double date with the girlfriend, clarke kent and louise lane wednesday was a slow day.. i woke up late, dazed for awhile. no mood for school.. no mood for anything.. crs had to be done so meet grp members at 1200.. broughtmt gtr along as there's cca at 1530.. didnt get to use it though.. stayed up till morning doing crs proj, surviving on my sis's leftover birthday cake.. ALONE again.. went to bed at 0600.. thusday sucked.. the crs proj could not be found. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. hais the stupid things computers do.. so we had to use the crappy back-up ppt.. if i can get a seat on the mrt on fri when i first step into the carriage, that would truly be my highest point for the weekdays

Sunday, July 02, 2006


when people tell u a secret, u're supposed to lock it up deep in your heart, and utter no hint of it to anyone whatsoever the conditions.. i am guilty of breaking this.. i accendentially tipped the lid open and it just poured out.. u were the same too.. everybody is.. but when u parade the secret around town like a fallen enemy soldier in somalia, that's just bringing it too far.. and if use it against me, that's gonna be the foundation for a whole storybook of mistrust.. nobody likes betrayals, and i am no different.. i noe that behind those insults lies a coward, quivering, insignificant nobody hu craves the anticipated backlash from the insulted one.. trying his best to hide his jealousy like a gravedigger hiding the evidence of his crime, but alas, to no fucking avail.. u do not intimidate me, for i noe that if i ignore, your existence would cease to exist..

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