Sunday, July 02, 2006


when people tell u a secret, u're supposed to lock it up deep in your heart, and utter no hint of it to anyone whatsoever the conditions.. i am guilty of breaking this.. i accendentially tipped the lid open and it just poured out.. u were the same too.. everybody is.. but when u parade the secret around town like a fallen enemy soldier in somalia, that's just bringing it too far.. and if use it against me, that's gonna be the foundation for a whole storybook of mistrust.. nobody likes betrayals, and i am no different.. i noe that behind those insults lies a coward, quivering, insignificant nobody hu craves the anticipated backlash from the insulted one.. trying his best to hide his jealousy like a gravedigger hiding the evidence of his crime, but alas, to no fucking avail.. u do not intimidate me, for i noe that if i ignore, your existence would cease to exist..
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