Wednesday, July 25, 2007

When street soccer is mistaken for wrestling...

Today began bright and early. Did the mandatory morning torture as usual. But when I did pull-ups, my right shoulder hurt like hell. Stop. Rest. Tried again. Still hurt like hell. So i decided to bypass the pull-up circuit altogether.

My team signed up for the EEE street soccer tourny, and the event was today. So, i dumped my SS shoes and jersey into a shoebag and put that into my school bag. The tourny starts at 3.30pm. My class ends @ 12pm. Decided to do my runs on the treadmill at the school's free gym to pass the time. Put my running shoes and shirt and shorts into another shoebag. You do the math on how many pairs of shoes and clothes i brought along for today.

Reached school for maths. Totally forgot that today got quiz. And by 'quiz', i mean 'you better bring your laptop for it or you're screwed'. I'm screwed. But.. I sweet talked the lecterer into letting me use her laptop instead. Hur hur hur..

Lunchtime. Did not eat. Went to the gym with Nas. Ran on the treadmill. I really hate treadmills by the way. It's a dumb way to train. I love the outdoors, and the only way i'm getting any this way is through a picture of a forest hanging in front of the treadmill. And I made the Mr. gym-person-in-charge very mad. You see, when I run, I perspire alot. Seriously, you'll never see another person perspire as much as me when engaging in exercise. The floor around my treadmill was soaked. The dashboard of the treadmill was peppered with sweat. I got a scolding from Mr. gym-person-in-charge. Arh, screw you lah.

After making Mr. gym-person-in-charge mop all the sweat of the floor. Went to Nas' GEMs class. Sialah it's the coldest LT i've set my foot in..

3.30pm. SOCCER TIME!! Got balloted to play against this chinese team. CB play so fucking rough. What else to do? We play rough back arh!! It was like a free-for-all down there. Screw the SUMMER SLAM thingy that's coming to Singapore. We've got all that and more right here in Singapore Poly's SS court! I did something that I'm not proud of during the game. It was a 50-50 ball. I wanted it. He also wanted it. I got there first and shoved him into the wall with my back. 'Ah fuck you chinese', I remember saying. I didn't see what had happened to him. The game carried on. Then the ref blew the whistle. The game was stopped. The guy cupped his hands over his mouth. He shuffled out. His teammates gathered around him. I couldnt care any less. Game restarted. game end. After the game (we lost 4-3, Alif scored one, Muhammad scored one, I scored one, plus a stupid golakeeping error by Mansur), I noticed a big pool of dried blood on the court. Seriously it was fucking huge. Then it dawned on me, it was from the guy i bulldozed earlier. But I wasnt sure. I remember him cupping his mouth. That's it. I asked Muhammad what had happened. He said that the guy's face was smashed into the wall. His mouth, bleeding like fuck. Omg, what have i done.. Then Jun Kai came up to me, and told me that the guy needed stitches. OMFG.. Karma's gonna get me back. I'm screwed..

Monday, July 23, 2007

Mizuno Wave Run 2007

I will never participate in any races organized by Mizuno ever again! It was a hugely disappointing event. I will not waste time typing my gripes out. Instead go to to see the other runner's comment, and flip through all it's 20++ pages of glory.

I'm still deciding whether I should sign up for the 15km New Balance Real Run on 28 October. It's route sounds interesting. 12km road, 1km sand, 1km trail and 1km runway. YES!!! R-U-N-W-A-Y!! The only downside? Price. $30. Ouch. But it comes with a tee and a shoe bag. I'm a sucker for dri-fit tees. Hell, I'd probably sign up just for the sake of the tee. More details at

I went to Running Lab @ Funan after school and got myself the GU Gels. Would have gotten them at GNC the day before if not for their exorbitant prices. Tekko told me that Running Lab was having a promotion on GU Gels. Buy 2 get 1 free. When I got there, there were only 3 sachets left! Wahlao, thank my lucky stars.. Paid $6. Then I realised I have to bring food from home to eat at school for the rest of the week because I blew the lid on the week's budget that I set for myself. Damn. Pfffft, I know I can do without that delicious, mouth-watering yet ridiculously cheap black pepper chicken rice @ foodcourt 3 for lunch for four measly days. I know I can. Argh who am I kidding..

Blueark has yet to contact me regarding my EHX Small Clone repair.. Urgh..

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i made a new friend while training at bedok stadium today

First of all, I'd like to thank z00m-z00m for helping me with the's running log. It could only appear on Firefox before, but thanks to her, it can now appear on both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Wohoo!!

Colonel Sanders is evil i'm telling ya. In the course of a week, they sent me two coupon sheets. Both are the same. Just look at him! E-V-I-L!! Ok colonel, i get your message. If I finish sub-1 for the 10k on sunday, I'll get a zinger from you ok? :grins:

RAMDOM PICTURE TIME!! hur hur hur...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I thank god for giving me the privilege of running. I feel blessed.
Some of us do not have the opportunity to even walk, let alone run.
Those who can, don't bother to.

I am torn between doing an interval or doing a normal run tomorrow.

Runs end.
Running doesn't.

I am torn between signing up for the terry fox run in sentosa or the new balance real run in changi.

The race does not belong only to the swift and the strong, but also to those who keep on running.

I am torn between a 10k or a half marathon for the standard chartered singapore run come december.

Pain is just the weakness leaking out.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mcdonald + KFC = Guilt Trip

Yesterday night, between 9pm and 11:30pm, i ate/drank:
-one zinger burger
-two small whipped potatoes
-one regular root beer
-one grilled chicken fold-over
-one large fries
-one small pepsi

It's my way of indulging after hard training. I love eating fast food. It's ouh so delicious. But I know better than to eat it everyday, because more than 3/4 of the calories from those deep-fried buggers come from fat. I limit them to twice a month, or thrice, at most.

Two more weeks until the mizuno wave run 07. Bring it on!!

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