Monday, July 23, 2007

Mizuno Wave Run 2007

I will never participate in any races organized by Mizuno ever again! It was a hugely disappointing event. I will not waste time typing my gripes out. Instead go to to see the other runner's comment, and flip through all it's 20++ pages of glory.

I'm still deciding whether I should sign up for the 15km New Balance Real Run on 28 October. It's route sounds interesting. 12km road, 1km sand, 1km trail and 1km runway. YES!!! R-U-N-W-A-Y!! The only downside? Price. $30. Ouch. But it comes with a tee and a shoe bag. I'm a sucker for dri-fit tees. Hell, I'd probably sign up just for the sake of the tee. More details at

I went to Running Lab @ Funan after school and got myself the GU Gels. Would have gotten them at GNC the day before if not for their exorbitant prices. Tekko told me that Running Lab was having a promotion on GU Gels. Buy 2 get 1 free. When I got there, there were only 3 sachets left! Wahlao, thank my lucky stars.. Paid $6. Then I realised I have to bring food from home to eat at school for the rest of the week because I blew the lid on the week's budget that I set for myself. Damn. Pfffft, I know I can do without that delicious, mouth-watering yet ridiculously cheap black pepper chicken rice @ foodcourt 3 for lunch for four measly days. I know I can. Argh who am I kidding..

Blueark has yet to contact me regarding my EHX Small Clone repair.. Urgh..
woah,was it that bad? you didn't even tell! and yeah,the link to website doesn't work,yo...

don't run..where's the fire?
hahahah!now kamal is running?? pussycat, run!:)
the link is working. must use IE i think..

yes, fadhillah, kamal is a runner now.. hur hur..
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