Sunday, April 30, 2006

sunday's sundae

did my revision for PEEE till late in the morning.. got this tpjc person want to play online pool and snooker so must stay up.. (all ur fault :-D) woke up at 10am.. dat's gotta suck.. so i was zoning between time and space for like 10 mins.. i didn't noe wat i was doing.. and i dunno wat i was gonna do.. so i was idling.. yeah..

i gonna save me up to buy a new guitar.. swee lee hopefully hv a year end sale this year.. 50% off all things!!! wohoo!! yeah.. i'm considering an epiphone es-335.. but very expensive!! but the cort copy just bites.. or it could be the amp.. i dunno.. yus says the gtr's just too big for me.. i don't noe.. may a strat copy would do.. ouh yeah clapton.. but veri 'mat'ish.. still undecided so i'm keeping options open..

YEA tmr no sch!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

urgh the morning sun

the morning sunlight caressed my window frame, casting a reluntant shadow onto my peach-flavoured walls.. my eyelids tried it's hardest to pry itself open, and it finally did, much to my dismay.. my back was hurting.. i cound'nt stand up.. or dat fadzli's syndrome finally got the best of me.. so i'll blog in bed..

slept of for 13 hours straight.. don't blame laziness.. blame the poly life.. blame that fucking institution for making life so flexible.. i need a little structure in my life!! gimme a rule book or something so i can place a little order in my life.. i cnt take this nonsense for long.. yeah smoking really does relieve your stress, temporarily of course.. for now it's become my defibrillator, and my only lifeline against this.... thingy..

i feel very guilty btw.. didn't attend a fren's concert last night.. felt shitty.. veri soory.. agian poly stuff to do.. yes, i'm blaming poly coz i feel it is the source for chaos and disorder in my life.. at the holidays none of this stuff was happening.. i gotta start pushing and dragging and dribbling and shooting the blame to someone esle.. and i noe dat perfect candidate should be me..

Thursday, April 27, 2006

thorn among the roses

finally.. a girl enters 1B/22.. the thorn among the roses.. not to say that we were the roses of course because we were all acting like a bunch of dudes frm NS (no offence to tim & melvin lol), women-hungry after a week of not having any "femininity" whatsoever in class.. so you could imagine the scenario..

1. girl walks into class
2. we thought she was the cleaning lady
3. our eyes went wide open when she took a seat
4. ihbngghiouisbufasb9ohghvbu84qqa
5. "eh, finally got girl ah!!"
6. "wooahh, girrrrrl..."
7. "eh eh, wat's her name?"
8. *wolf whistles
9. "naker naker asemeneh"
10. the assistant class rep (yours truly) asking for the girl's no. (strictly for professional use)
11. the class got the wrong idea
12. chaos everywhere
13. even more noise and interruptions as assistant class rep was teased by hamka, nas, wen bao and yusof, and was beaten senseless by melvin

it was a crazy ass day..

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


my birthday today.. *starts singing birthday song to himself* lol.. had a quiet affair of dinner with the family, just like any other day.. i need to do a lot of studying for my poly course.. during the holidays i told myself that i am gonna take it easy during poly.. take things slow and just enjoy the time spent there.. guess i must be kidding myself!! hhahha it's just the second week and my tank has exhausted.. and it seems like i can shut down anytime.. just like my volatile laptop.. lol.. but i love the flexibility of poly life, u can come in anytime and act buay song, like many of the "yellow entities" (props to fnd for that wonderful phrase) in my class.. hhaha that's got nothing to do with flexibility actually hahhha... SP library can borrow music cds!! wooo.. they even got dire straits in their stock!! wooo.. old school thing are just great sometimes... =D DASE 1B/22 roamed around campus today (finally!!) and we found great (abeilt, CHEAP) food at foodcourt 2.. good eyecandies prancing about in the Applied Science school.. women in white coats are just soo HOT!! =D the gayness in the class still prevails in the second week as there are still no "womanly" additions to the class... :-( last but not least, i cant stand people who associate the blues with country.. (dat's u adik shalah)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

wehee.. i didn't go to ngaji today. my sister didn't so why should i go? lol.. guess i'll be enjoying the company of powerpoint slides on ohm's law vigilantly prepared by the singapore poly staff.. yeah thanks alot.. (scarcascm intended)

i gotta have that joga bonito street soccer ball!!! it's heavier than a normal ball so it's easier to dribble around. also it won't get whacked over the walls of the ss court, which is a very common occurence when we, or anybody else plays. then the whacker must go out and take the ball, usually taking his own sweet fucking time.. however some lazy ones (but i would call them extremely ingenious), would ride a bike (plucked from the ample choices available at the ss grandstand lol) to the location of the ball and then bring it back in double quick time.. Genius.. must ask people to matau money.. so far people have no money so they are unble to contribute. it's ok, it's alright, gangster gangster fight fight fight... take your time.. ah-ha.. there's always ping zhao.. hmm.. maybe split the cost 50/50 and i keep the ball.. YEH YEH!!

emo phase

i do not know what the problem is with F. It's been about 2 months since anyone contacted him. He seems to be avoiding his circle of friends i.e. very short or non replies to our smses and instant messangers, and the slew of excuses when we ask for his company in various affairs. I did argue that this may just be a phase that he is going through, an emo phase maybe.. where suddenly he finds previously non-existent problems threatening to cake his mind shut, and thus forcing the victim to hide beneath the shelter of a sombre and serious facade, transforming him into the idling silent thinker.

The emo phase is not something which can be caught like the flu i.e. from infectious person to the other. Instead, it's origins lie within the mind itself. Therefore, F chose to be emo. He chose the path to emo-hood. I hope it is not to late to salvage what is left of him. He is a dear friend and it would be a great loss if we had lost him to the emo phase.


finally i got one

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