Sunday, April 30, 2006

sunday's sundae

did my revision for PEEE till late in the morning.. got this tpjc person want to play online pool and snooker so must stay up.. (all ur fault :-D) woke up at 10am.. dat's gotta suck.. so i was zoning between time and space for like 10 mins.. i didn't noe wat i was doing.. and i dunno wat i was gonna do.. so i was idling.. yeah..

i gonna save me up to buy a new guitar.. swee lee hopefully hv a year end sale this year.. 50% off all things!!! wohoo!! yeah.. i'm considering an epiphone es-335.. but very expensive!! but the cort copy just bites.. or it could be the amp.. i dunno.. yus says the gtr's just too big for me.. i don't noe.. may a strat copy would do.. ouh yeah clapton.. but veri 'mat'ish.. still undecided so i'm keeping options open..

YEA tmr no sch!!
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