Saturday, January 19, 2008


Great.. Nine weeks of work. Minimum wage. Shit.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I looked into the mirror today and realised that the pimple half a finger from the top of my upper lip is gone. Yay. I can finally shave. Those 5 shave-less days are enough to drive me insane. Thank God the pimple is gone.

Sent Nadine to Mr. Han yesterday to get her fixed. Apparently, both her pots were faulty, so he replaced them. Cost me $30, a shitload cheaper than other guitar shops. Finally can play after almost two months of not touching her. Now all I need is a DD-6. The possibilities of tap tempo in a delay are limitless. Must save.. Shit..

Haven't been clocking in any miles for 6 fucking days due to stupid cough and running nose. Fuck lah I want to run again!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm just not cut out for this..

God, I hate it when I allow myself to be smitten by that girl's charm.
She's too young, too dangerous.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

my precious

A couple of days ago, this appeared in my mailbox.
Yessah.. My Precious' "Everything So Far" album. I began hunting down their album after I saw them live at some gig in the now-closed Orchard Library, about a year ago. 2 girl, screaming their lungs out, in front of a wall of sonic chaos. Damn I was hooked. I HAD to get their album. Some days later, did a search on yahoo auctions. Someone was selling a My Precious split EP. Bought it. Listened to their 3 tracks. Not bad at all. There was also another 3 tracks in there by a Japanese band, Gauge Means nothing, but their whiny voices turned me off.

Then a couple of months back, I went to the band's myspace page and found out that I order their album from the Singapore-based, Went there, emailed the guy, got a reply. He suggested to meet up somewhere so I could pass him the money, and him, the cd. I agreed, asking about the location, time and date. Never did got a reply from him. Emailed again. Still no reply. Then I totally forgot about it.

I didn't know what triggered me to type "my precious singapore" into the google searchbar about 11 days back, but I'm glad I did. Went to their homepage, and realised that I could order DIRECT from them! After a couple of emails, the cd was shipped out to me. Finally got the CD, after a 12 month wait.

And wow, the guitarist lived just 4 blocks away from my old house in Tampines!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I rikes sports ands outdoooors activities

Ok, there's no running races until May; but there's the Sundown Marathon, and i WOULD have sign up for that hadn't they pulled out the HM catagory. urgh..'s two fun events in the coming 3 months. yay

Surf and Sweat 08 at Sentosa on 3 Feb.
400m surf plus 4km run.
The surf part is just lying face down on your board and paddling with your hands. Lifejackets and surfboards are provided. Registration is $13 only! So far I got Mansur and Yusof(tentative though) to do this with me. yay.

Dirty weekend at Pulau Ubin (I think, or maybe it was some of the other pulaus up there lah) on 29 and 30 Mar.
MTB Race - 8km Bike Trail
Duathlon - 8km Trail Run, 8km Bike Trail, 8km Trail Run
Triathlon - 1.5km Swim, 8km Bike Trail, 8km Trail Run
I'm probably going for the MTB race or the Duathlon. I hope they'll provide the bikes or else I'll have to coax the fuck out of Edwin to borrow me his. Then again, they'll probably provide bike (or at least rent them) because I dont think anyone would wanna take the hassle of bringing their's along all the way there.
So far nobody wants to do this event with me. I don't even know the registration fees.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

1 jan 08

I still vaguely remembered how I spent last year's new year. I went with yusri, irwan and asrari to the esplanade to see the fireworks. Stupid fireworks. I can't seem to see the beauty in them. Then we went to see some band perform. Then yusri and asrari decided to make total asses of themselves by dancing like headless chickens in front of the band. This was sorta like their 'rebellion' against the traditionally conservative sit-as-still-as-you-can-while-the-music-plays, typical Singaporean audience. Sure, I admire their cause, because honestly, audiences in Singapore do SUCK. But hell, this was family setting; kids and the elderly are around. And the kind of music that the band plays wasn't even moshable! It was really 'friendly', for the lack of a better word, and polite music. And here front and centre, two guys are throwing their bodies everywhere in europhia like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. And asrari even had the audacity to scold me and irwan for not joining them in their dance of stupidity. Total bullshit.

Then we went up to bras basah's residential area. And I had to endure 5 fucking hours of the tragic tale of irwan's love life. God. If you're sad, don't fucking bring your friends down with you too. We were all trying to make him feel better but this stubborn SOB just won't budge. He still wants to be sad. argh..

Today was different than last year, in most ways, more enjoyable. Went to pasir ris park. Drank alot. Threw up a little. Cycled, half-drunk, to parata paradise opp temasek polytechnic. Ate mee goreng. Cycled back home with probably the nicest guy one will ever meet in his lifetime.

Yay, happy new year.

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