Saturday, January 12, 2008

my precious

A couple of days ago, this appeared in my mailbox.
Yessah.. My Precious' "Everything So Far" album. I began hunting down their album after I saw them live at some gig in the now-closed Orchard Library, about a year ago. 2 girl, screaming their lungs out, in front of a wall of sonic chaos. Damn I was hooked. I HAD to get their album. Some days later, did a search on yahoo auctions. Someone was selling a My Precious split EP. Bought it. Listened to their 3 tracks. Not bad at all. There was also another 3 tracks in there by a Japanese band, Gauge Means nothing, but their whiny voices turned me off.

Then a couple of months back, I went to the band's myspace page and found out that I order their album from the Singapore-based, Went there, emailed the guy, got a reply. He suggested to meet up somewhere so I could pass him the money, and him, the cd. I agreed, asking about the location, time and date. Never did got a reply from him. Emailed again. Still no reply. Then I totally forgot about it.

I didn't know what triggered me to type "my precious singapore" into the google searchbar about 11 days back, but I'm glad I did. Went to their homepage, and realised that I could order DIRECT from them! After a couple of emails, the cd was shipped out to me. Finally got the CD, after a 12 month wait.

And wow, the guitarist lived just 4 blocks away from my old house in Tampines!!


wonder who did you go to that show with? hmm?
heh heh heh...
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