Friday, March 25, 2011

It doesn't take much to trigger the jealous side of me. You crossed the line however, when you openly flirt with my girlfriend. I subtly tell you to back off, but was met with vulgarities from your foul mouth. There's no reason to be defensive. All I did was courteously told him to get the fuck away. I take my relationships seriously. I don't play games. I'm straight to the point. If you wanna mess around with my girl, I'll mess you up too.

Background story:
Some random guy sees Sara's name on a triathlon race result document online and decides to add her on facebook. No doubt she feels weirded out by this, but the strange thing is that she continues chatting with him online, putting up with his nonsense of pretending to be interested in triathlons and training when it's obviously a disguise for trying to woo her. A weird-ass fucker randomly adds you, being all nice and shit, and you bought it. I thought you're better than that Ra..

Friday, March 11, 2011

Blog Revival

I guess I just need a place to release all my usually suppressed feelings again. What better way than to do it than in the open privacy of cyberspace.

If you view life as a long struggle, then love is one of the many battles you will inevitably get involved in. Well, unless you're the privileged few who has been dealt a soulmate by the unfair hands of fate. Soulmates. Do you chance upon them by some unexpected scenario? Or are they created, through years of quiet bonding and understanding, of unrelentless love and acceptance? Many in their idle daydreams, have longed to have themselves swept away by that special someone at first sight. Well, if that were to happen, what would the relationship be based on? Everything superficial, right?

Things between Sara and me have been emotionally challenging these past couple of months. Even the slightest of arguments can quake our already fragile relationship. It's been 3 days since our last fight, and we haven't talked or texted since. She says it's my certainty of where the relationship is going that scares her. Well, it spooks me out too. I've never felt this way about a person before, and I'm doubting myself on whether these feelings are genuine or not. I think she feels that we've moving things too fast. Honestly, I think we have been skipping so many bases, that even though we've reached the end, it leaves both parties unsatisfied.

The stubborn majority of me refuses to believe that this is the end, but to place any rational reason behind it, I just can't find one. What I know is that I'll never give up trying.

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