Thursday, August 31, 2006

friendster testi

i was browsing through my friendster testimonials. let's take a trip down nostalgia lane.. these are the few that put a smile on my face =) currently he has the interest in listening to music...very unique music...he play soccer damn solo!!! never pass people...wear chelsea...act only..later i slide u like ping zhao ar...his whacking is getting more shitty...confirm its becoz of frequent wanking....stop it!! stop loving old ladies!! and dat teacher u said she was pretty...u must be blind!! jgn main tu main ni!!! everyday do nothing sleep then dream...wake up with a hard stick...then go rush to coffee shop to check out aunties there...wanker!!! KAMAL!!!!! Umm da kol beraper nie? 12 lebih? That makes now tomorrow. And today from yesterday like tomorrow to the day before. haha The Bangla brothers present, simultaneous BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!! Who would of thought Kamallamak and Wang Khalid had the same birthday. You guys should have seen that time when they both realized their birthdays fall on the same that. Anyway Kamal, Happy Birthday. If Only Wang Had Friendster Kau.... Asal Muker Aku Lagi?????? !!!!! hahahaha. hurm. u did erase something of me from your life. MY BIRTHDAY. i tink. LOL eh cepat nye da nak raya. haha. there's so many "I'M SORRY FOR" i wana say. i tink. there's so many "WHY" questions i wana ask. but NVM. haha. okeh. so SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!! jangan luper datang rumah ehh. =pP .nazirah. u read me...tis is Currenzee from u read me...Wang Khalid and Syiling is not here at the moment... Hahaha...play2 lah...oh this Kamal ah...juz noe him tis year...through my frends too...haha...can say tat he looks like a slacker physically...but he is very intelligent sial...I had seen his Eng composition...Perfect.. Btw...Are u sure ur form Bangladesh ??? Hahaha...donnoe why he called himself tat... Horny bastard too anime so much...coz he drool whenever he see the Jap. girls in the comics... Soccer fan...everthing soccer....and he is very sociable frends from both races...chinese and very close but he is quite intimidating in the sense tat he always tok kok bout G- Unit...kong hajar haha...but overall...he is a great guy...talkative and quite the intelligent lad... Oh...thanx for the testi... Copy u Kamal...Curenzee of G-unit roger and out HAPPI BDAY TO KAMAL!!!! HAPPI BDAY TO KAMALL!!!!! HAAAAPPIII BBBBDDAAYY..... TO KAMALAK!!!!!.... HAPPIE BDAYYY!!!! TO SLEEPY KITTY!!!!!!!! WHUHOOO!!!!... may ur wishes come true bro!!!...whuHOO!!!! Rebbo This guy is an official G-Smirk member...thx for the support u've given and those in the future..G-Smirk Rules! And remember Betrayers will face mental punishment.. DISTORTED FEELINGS OF ATTRACTION i just remembered.. u wana be a comedian? wahaha. KEEP WORKING ON IT. okok. i mepek. i know i know. -.- this guy is the biggest pervert you will ever meet!!! he panchucheng like crazy before every soccer match or meet....and then when we play soccer...accuracy like shit...become keeper like then slip out the hands...and some time he even sits before diving..he is an FHM enthusiast...and he is a tabber! note! a tabber...all he is good at is writing lyrics!! last time he likes to when play soccer i seek my revenge on him...muahhahaz...overall...he is a nice guy....likes to share CARTOON! and MAGS!!! u perv!! and sometimes he excite himself by making porn poses while lanchap-ing and playing his nipples....everyday wank at granny pics...and he works day and night with the town council...together they make the community cleaner... kamal...... ko bagi aku testi quality sikit ah... ko ni... okok, aku bagi ko special nyer.... sekarang aku type singlish supaya sumer orang paham... Dis man...alamak... i noe him since sec 1, lastime same class lah.... at first, he quiet quiet one... hah, sit one corner touch touch spectacles one, never see him answer questions... since FnD and I approach him, Y.E.K. was almost formed.... Then we, Y.E.K., start to lepak at his tampines live in bedok beside police station one... lastime go his house got internet, we download songs, play newgrounds and stickdeath...miss sec 1.... we also made our first recording at his house, Civilian War Memorial...then every day go home late from his house.... beside his lastime house ah..... also got milti purpose hall, Bangla Land, we play soccer there allways kena catch by police and bangla....aiyah should stop remembering the past already... lets tok bout the here and now alamak...damm, no space already.. and finally my FAVOURTIE TESTIMONIAL of all: right....since you gave me a long testi, i'll give you the same.....ok....let me see.....kamal.....right, ok....this guy has been a friend of mine since that makes us friends for 7 years....yeah.....he's one helluva guy....really.....crazy, funny and horny?? when did you eva turn horny?? oohh i feel the testerone level in you increasing.....haha...wait. do you even have one?? bad.....^_^....hahaha....ok, back to reality....when i first saw him in P4, i thought he was a quiet, shy and nerdy guy. don't take it the wrong way! but yeah, never thought he would grow up to be someone like he is now...ironic, really. got to know this guy to feel this guy....hehe...fine......just stay the same, kamal...... you old horny guy.....

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


kamal love tiara

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


promises are meant to be forgotten

7-11 nostalgia

i was cleaning up my cupboard when i cam across this book. inside were guidelines to handle cashiering while i was doina stint at 7-11. kinda brings back memories. here are snippets NETS payment 1: scan items 2: press 'subtotal' 3: press 'NETS' 4: press any demographic 5: register would read machine in progress 6: slide the card form let to right (magnectic card not facing you) 7: ask customer to key in PIN no. 8: two slips would come out formt the NETS machine 9: first slip keep in drawer 10: second slip give customer 11: give receipt to customer Doing a pick-up 1: press 'pick-up' 2: press the amount to be picked-up (usually $200) 3: press any demographic 4: press 'subtotal' 5: a pick-up slip would come out 6: put the money and pick-up slip into the tube drop envelope (dependent on which shift you are working, SW-swing, DY-day, SR-sunrise) 7: on the tube drop sheet, locate the no. of the envelope 8: write down the amount picked-up, register no., time and signature ont eh tube-drop sheet 9: drop the envelope into the big machine below the cashier i would love to work there again

Monday, August 28, 2006


i love buttered toast. i finished a whole loaf today.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

sunday's sundae again

the black guitar has left me for another girl.. i tried to persuade her not to leave.. but she did not heed me.. ouh well.. well the girl paid the balance payment of $50, and then she gave me $10 extra.. i didnt know why.. i didn't wanna ask.. i figured she got laid last nite and was feeling generous with her kindness today.. kinda like a 'pass it forward' thing.. i'll get a more chio acoustic soon. stickified gtr.. good idea? today i felt extremly lethargic.. i didnt noe why coz all i did today was to go raffles place to give the guitar to the buyer i tried my hand at busking at raffles place.. not a single coin was dropped into my case THE HOLIDAYS HAVE ARRIVED!! WELCOME THEM WITH OPEN ARMS!! ito those taking o levels this year, please start yer mugging now.. some of them dont sense the urgency in it. do not procrastinate please

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


i finally met her today =)


absence makes the heart grow fonder.. i didnt believe it until today i miss her so badly it's not kinky anymore it's dad's payday and he got me a pair of slippers.. yayness (no scarcasm intended) it give me an ego boost when i see a video of myself guitaring. i'll take ur worries ur disappointments ur sadness and blend it into a suicide pill super emo day

Sunday, August 20, 2006

it's official

i havnt seen tiara for 7 straight days and it's killing me inside.. payslip is coming on 28 aug.. $30 is reserved for the danelectro fab echo stompbox guitar population in kamal's room dwindled from 5 guitars, to 2 guitars at present.. ahh sad case of questionable loyalty..

Saturday, August 19, 2006


she smiles she welcomes me into her heart such hospitality in your lukewarm spirit such seasoned grace, immediate contrast from chaos around you i smile back

Friday, August 18, 2006

our last nite

kamal my darling, how could you do this to me? how could you let me off soo easily to your friend? u treated me like an object u noe.. i tot u loved me? i tot i meant the world to you? i tot i was ur one and only? guess i was wrong then.. you hurt me so badly.. nadine my love, i'm only loaning you to my fren. it's only gonna be 5 days.. please bear with it orite.. my heart irks at what he is gonna do to you.. he's gonna mess around with your knobs.. he's gonna finger you all over your frets.. he's gonna meddle with your pickup selector.. he's gonna strum your stings so hard that it won't be kinky anymore.. he's gonna find your sweet spot and pinch the harmonic out of you.. he's gonna do nasty things to you baby.. but please, you gotta bear with it.. i know that it's not gonna feel good that another man is gonna do all this to you.. but i have no other choice baby.. i'll love you forever.. see you in 5 days!! =)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

it's thursday

i'm still waiting for that girl to collect my guitar so i can get $50 from her.. you see.. i put up my guitar on ebay at around May, for $200. then someone wanted to buy it.. but then she delays payment. then she delay delay until around last 3 weeks.. she said she would be making a deposit of $150.. hooray.. i blew it on a multifx and gtr strap. now with my allowance running low, wont you come to my rescue and please, make the balance payment and then collect the guitar? i didnt noe that singapore had so many musicians

Monday, August 14, 2006


if the whole world is round let our's be flat at least we wont fall off paranoid android i got my multifx a week ago. i cnt seem to put down my guitar. and yes my neighbours have been annoyed ever since. u shld noe the reason.. 1am guitar cravings must be satisfied =) neighbours are meant to tolerate rite? =D love is? -a combination of trust and paranoia -juvenile

Thursday, August 10, 2006

weave yourself around me cocoon me to the floor we'll be the definition of fetish purposeful assumptions is the ultimate sin bump into the sun apologise all we can we'll still get burnt and shunned by society

Saturday, August 05, 2006


beside my body u lay quiet, unmoving sound does not affect you but my soft whispers somehow do i'll fall asleep in your eyes and we'll both lay quiet, unmoving we''l let time pass us by

Friday, August 04, 2006


the green monster in me is larger than what i expected it to be

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