Tuesday, August 29, 2006

7-11 nostalgia

i was cleaning up my cupboard when i cam across this book. inside were guidelines to handle cashiering while i was doina stint at 7-11. kinda brings back memories. here are snippets NETS payment 1: scan items 2: press 'subtotal' 3: press 'NETS' 4: press any demographic 5: register would read machine in progress 6: slide the card form let to right (magnectic card not facing you) 7: ask customer to key in PIN no. 8: two slips would come out formt the NETS machine 9: first slip keep in drawer 10: second slip give customer 11: give receipt to customer Doing a pick-up 1: press 'pick-up' 2: press the amount to be picked-up (usually $200) 3: press any demographic 4: press 'subtotal' 5: a pick-up slip would come out 6: put the money and pick-up slip into the tube drop envelope (dependent on which shift you are working, SW-swing, DY-day, SR-sunrise) 7: on the tube drop sheet, locate the no. of the envelope 8: write down the amount picked-up, register no., time and signature ont eh tube-drop sheet 9: drop the envelope into the big machine below the cashier i would love to work there again
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