Monday, November 27, 2006


i love running at night

Sunday, November 26, 2006

no he's not dead yet

i remember one year back, my grandfather came over to my home for hari raya visiting. i was doodling on my gtr and didnt realise that they had came over. he walked into my room and greeted me. i salam him. instinctively, i handed him my guitar, which was originally his, until my uncle gave it to me. yay. so he slinged the guitar, then he looked at my SINGLE, LONESOME effects pedal, which was at that time a SINGLE, LONESOME danelectro FAB overdrive, which cost me $27 at yamaha tamp. then he mumbled, 'ni aje kau nye pedal?'....

i wish he could come over again, step into my room and see my pedal board, and see how much it has grown. frm a SINGlE, LONESOME effect, to five beautiful pedals. i wish he would doodle with everything on it, stomp the wah on, self ocsillate the delay to make whammy effects, all the while ringing in some danggut tunes. then maybe, just maybe he'll look at me and smile for once. i'm grateful to you for teaching me apache.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


i skipped sprog lessons this morning. reason?
1. didnt have the mood
2. i dont see the point of dragging a 2kg laptop all the way to dover and then using it for only two hours
3. my eyes hurt

clocked in for maths in the afternoon. then after that met,
1. yy, to pass her the guitar pro 5 software
2. tiara, also to pass her the guitar pro 5 software
3. dhai, to lepak

after over 9 months of haggling and pursuading, i finally got my classical guitar back frm fadzli. it used to be well stickered. now it looks like it's been through hell and back. 1/4 of the rosette was peeled off.. the fretboard was filthy. i dont think this junk has any resale value. it's gonna be my child's first guitar though..

i find running at night the most calming and relaxing thing that i had ever experience. sure, fooling around in the street soccer court at the same hour comes close. but nothing beats having the wind caress your hair on every step, the feeling of sweet sweat all over your jersey. the smell of unburnt carbon when jogging beside the road. ok maybe exclude the latter. =) my problems would disappear, nothing would worry me. all my focus would be on completing the run. i would come home, wishing that i had done another lap or two. so.. put that cigarette down, and start running..

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

mst 2

structured programming - 36/100
engineering maths - 67/100
principles of electrical and electonic engineering - 68/100
digital electronics - 85/100

one major gripe about using one spot, that crazily annoying background buzz/hum/zzz!! maybe, just maybe i'll switch back to batteries

Sunday, November 19, 2006

something about the way you hair falls in your face

i love the shape you take when you're crawling towards the pillow case yy passed me her hardcase (or flightcase?) on friday. brought it back home and tried to stuff nadine inside. but she couldn't fit. it turned out that the shape of the guitar did not match the shape of the guitar that the hardcase could take. so i had two options, 1. cut up parts of the guitar body to fit into the case, OR 2. cut up parts of the styrofoam in the case to match my guitar's shape obviously the latter's a much more realistic idea. out came my trusty rusty penknife, and the huge scissor my mom uses to cut chicken bones. i put nadine over the case and used her as a stencil, tracing out the body shape, so i knew which areas to chop off. you had to slice the styrofoam vertically and horizontally. chopping it vertically wasnt much of a challenge (it was as easy as sling a loaf of bread). but i had difficulty in slicing it horizontally. the angle of the knife, the awkward posotion as to how you hold it makes it more challenging. but it got done, and now nadine has a new home! =) went to g77, got a one-spot adapter and daisy chains. lost $50. but beats buying three 9Vs and four AAAs every 3-4 days..

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

it's a ll about the 'feel'

raya-ed with pri sch classmates and frens yesterday. SLUAR TAPERED!!! haha. glad to finally have face to face contact with nizam and ruzhaidi after so long. it seems like our cassette of friendship was on it's way to a $1 clearance sale, but some music savvy individual managed to salvage it from being plastic junk. tiara looks gorgeous as always, be it in a flashy baju kurong or a simple nyjc tee and short shorts. i love her more in her nyjc uniform =P

couldnt play soccer yesterday.

i set layla acoustic riff's on loop and found out that i can used outside notes sparingly to colour up the solo. interesting. i'm addicted layla.

i'm addictecd to fiona apple's paper bag. infectiously emotional lyrics. you can feel the rawness in her voice. much like in jewel's foolish games, except the latter comes across as crying baby wanting attention desperately, whiile the former is a strong soul who's accepting whatever is thrown at her, while also complaining abit. =P fiona apple is PWNED!!

*holds a note to kill all shredders*

Monday, November 06, 2006


i want this. no. i NEED it. it's a blues machine.

Friday, November 03, 2006


smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile

Thursday, November 02, 2006

hey there delilah

plain white T's 'hey there delilah' has the most cheesiest lyrics you will ever find in a song. the chorus takes the most cheddar and mozzarella, maybe even more than what you would find in a hawaiian deep dish pizza. 'ouh it's what you do to me'.. sexual innuendo imo. the lyrics are too direct and straight forward. they do not allow the imagination to run amok. but the composer of the song probably had a specific someone in his mind and had it meant for her, thus the 'personal' details in the lyrics.. but if anybody else was swooned by this song, you're shallow.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


At macdonald's
effendi: *looks around* eh asal banyak orang pakai mac nye ibook ni?
yusri: pasal kiter kat mac..

it's your cue to laugh =)

the deal with emo-hats, oddly coloured stripes shirts and piyo-piyo bicycle diy customisation is still rocket science to me.

tmr's gonna be another long day
1. sch from 8 to 3
2. 3.45pm, meet dhai to make her ez-link
3. 5pm, meet fnd, yus, fadz go swee lee and stuff, i tink it's gonna last till night.

sunshine of your love, no longer

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