Wednesday, November 08, 2006

it's a ll about the 'feel'

raya-ed with pri sch classmates and frens yesterday. SLUAR TAPERED!!! haha. glad to finally have face to face contact with nizam and ruzhaidi after so long. it seems like our cassette of friendship was on it's way to a $1 clearance sale, but some music savvy individual managed to salvage it from being plastic junk. tiara looks gorgeous as always, be it in a flashy baju kurong or a simple nyjc tee and short shorts. i love her more in her nyjc uniform =P

couldnt play soccer yesterday.

i set layla acoustic riff's on loop and found out that i can used outside notes sparingly to colour up the solo. interesting. i'm addicted layla.

i'm addictecd to fiona apple's paper bag. infectiously emotional lyrics. you can feel the rawness in her voice. much like in jewel's foolish games, except the latter comes across as crying baby wanting attention desperately, whiile the former is a strong soul who's accepting whatever is thrown at her, while also complaining abit. =P fiona apple is PWNED!!

*holds a note to kill all shredders*
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