Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chicks and Bikes

Question: What's more sexier than a girl riding a bike?
Answer: A pixie-haired girl wearing form-fitting jersey and shorts, riding her road bike.

There's no competition. Put pixie-haired bicycle racer girl in a roomful of former beauty pageant winners and she would still be the only person that I would see in the room. I would leisurely approach pixie-haired bicycle racer girl, and as I got nearer, I would notice that she was staring at my calves. She would look up and her eyes would meet mine, her head would cock slightly to the right and she would said, "Wow, those are the most defined calves I have ever seen on a man. You don't happen to be a cyclist, do you?"

"Well if you would stop looking at them, then maybe I'll answer your question." I replied. She would fluster, and in the midst of trying to regain her sense of modesty, she would thrust out her hand for me to shake. "I'm Miss Pixie-haired bicycle racer girl". Then I saw it on her, the sure-fire sign of a cyclist. It was on her wrist, it was a bicycle chain bracelet. Taking her hand, I would then ask her, "Shimano versus Campagnolo. Your thoughts?"

Her previously bedazzled face would morph into one that showed quiet surprise. After all, it's not everyday that some stranger asks for your opinion in one of road cycling's oldest question. Her brain would go into overdrive, the expectation to come out with something witty would be immense. Her mind would race through previous conversations with mechanics, cycling forumites and her fellow traning buddies, highlighting anything that has significance to the question that the inquisitive stranger holding her hand right now, had asked her.

Then it would hit her. She didn't have to look far for the answer. She would only have to mentally recall her road bike. She gazed back at this unnamed acquaintance in front of her, and with the same cocking of her head, she would answer, "Neither. I chose Sram." The edges of her mouth would curve upwards ever so slightly and her body would sway closer to mine. Her eyes would be fixed in a subtle stare against mine. I would noticed she wasn't looking at my calves any longer. She would then ask me, "You havn't answered my question yet. Are you a cyclist?". She would give me a playful smirk after that. Needless to say, that night would a night of many firsts.

Unfortunately, Miss Pixie-haired bicycle racer girl is not real and never will be. However, the girls and women below are. :)

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Saturday, March 14, 2009


I just came back and I'm sooooooooooo fffffffuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkking TIRED!! I'll remind myself to bring my standalone camera the next time I go for these kinda rides. Due to the extremely useless camera function in my handphone, I was unable to capture epic moments of us at that awesome bridge over at Henderson Park. The camera-phone's so-called 'night-mode' did nothing to enhance the images, thus, I only managed to take half-ass shots of us riding up the Luge and also that of us posing at the Merlion statue's fin (yes, we climbed up that fugly creature) while we were in Sentosa.

1. Tampines West Macdonalds
2. Chomp Chomp (Serangoon)
3. Mount Faber
4. Henderson Park
5. Sentosa
6. KTM (Tanjong Pagar)
7. Bedok North

Total Distance: 75.06km

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Ultimate KAWAII!!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wong Li-Lin

I was always a fan of her since her Triple Nine days where she took on the role of Inspector Elaine Tay. I didn't see much of her on tv ever since that series ended. Imagine my joy when I found out that she has returned to host channel 5's Unexpected Access.

Oh and Allan Wu, if you're reading this, I just want to say thanks for breaking my heart by asking for Li-Lin's hand in marriage. You know how much I love her. We were destined to be together, but you just had to woo her away with your huge delts and chiseled face huh? I'm just kidding. Have a happy life!


Monday, March 02, 2009

Wet Wet Wet

Saturday's ride was an extremely wet one. The rain kept pelting down on us as we went from Bedok to Tampines to Bukit Merah to Dover to Chinatown and finally back home. Almost 73km in total. Super tiring but super fun!

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