Sunday, October 29, 2006

blowjobs and revelations

the family's camera is spoilt. so during this year's HARI RAYA, kamal cannot be a voyuer and unknowingly snap pictures of uber hot relatives going about their annual triple serving of gossip, pineapple tarts and ego busting. instead, kamal can only gawk at them, and light a faint candle of hope in his heart that one of them would actually approach him and talk to him. you see, kamal is shy. he doesn't like making the first move. although he has rehearsed several moves in his head beforehand, anxiety always gets the better of him, leaving him, very often, tongue-tied..

monetary funding from known and unknown relatives have been doing good. my cousin got married and had a child. and the most embarressing thing is that i didn't recognize her when we met. she's been MINAH-fied.. the only thing missing is that she and her husband don't go to s-league matches, where she would prance around with her baby held tight to her chest, with a cigarrette concealed between her right thumb and index finger, a shattered marital promise of disallowed post-natal drug..

tmr is gonna be a hard day if anybody brings cigarrettes.. i'll do my best to adhere to a promise with my body, that i shall never inhale tar and nicotine again.. so we'll see.. =)

Friday, October 27, 2006

go on.. date him..

how can you bring two people emotionally closer when they are physically apart?

Monday, October 23, 2006


i am suffering from G.A.S. (gear aquisition syndrome). serious gas.. i find myself hooked on SOFT's and luthermusic's classified section, browsing through the ads intensely, looking for pedals that are <$100.. it's all very tempting, probably because HARI RAYA is coming, and you start counting your chickens before they hatch.. very very dangerous. one guy had a cf7 flanger/chorus for sale. i tried to restrain myself. ended up smsing the guy and FORTUNATELY, the thing was sold already. but a ds-2 is coming though.. =) and no i dont have parquet flooring in my home

Sunday, October 22, 2006

romance de amor

i can play romance de amor on guitar

Thursday, October 19, 2006


went to swee lee this afternoon with fnd to check out boss dd-3 and ibanez de7. the staff who was attending to me a moody ass. whites get the first class treatment while money poor malays are scoffed at.. b-e-a-utiful.. but it didnt matter. tried both pedals. de7 came out tops coz i liked it's simplicity and tone. i didnt buy any pedals. told him i was gonna come another time. his eyes went all rolling and stuff.. bought strings instead.

went to ranking nxt door. saw mr. han. was initially intimidated by him. he once was the gtr instructer at jyss. so we went in. gawked at a couple of gtrs. he invited us to play. "boring lah kat sini, takde radio. korang main ade bunyi sikit". so we played.. and free lessons came nxt..
1. fingerpicking tremelo techniques, i.m.a.p
2. blues feeling, inhumane vibrato, outside notes
3. 'extra frets' technique
4. whammy technique w/o the whammy bar
5. neck bending thingy..
hari raya songs, romance de amour, funky monkeys, shreding and lotsa stuff in between lessons.. wow.. buke at ljs met yus at tm.. walk around. end up at the stage in central park. fnd becomes a mat. kacau budak kecik. talked about the coming raya pakcik2 antics.. almost all involve cigarettes. went home smelling like cigarettes. i love today

Monday, October 16, 2006

fairy odd parents

yay i cnt understand deferentiation.. i can grasp the basics. but when it comes to the differentiation of log and ln and sin and cos and tan and everything, i can't absorb shit! gotta try harder i guess.. -_-'

nyjc's campus is b-e-a-utiful.. i love their whole 'campus-on-a-hill' concept. the buildings look new, but venture deeper and they look vintage.. going for the 'old-new-world' feel.. -_-' but their library is pathetically small. SP is king =)

tiara is promoted to J2. =)

i need a new bag for school.

i need the blues in my life.
misery, take over me

Sunday, October 15, 2006


tiara and i are taking time-out from each other.

some guy is gonna come to my hse on fri, so i can try out his de7 delay/echo pedal. second hand stuff.. he's selling it for $75, cheap compared to swee lee's retail of $175(?) hari raya collections can cover the cost later =D i still owe hari $30 for the 535q wah.. it's all for good shit =)

sentimental song-writing mode: ON

Thursday, October 12, 2006


some girl i hooked up with at the lib@orchard.. she organized STOMP gig =)

i get starstruck easily.. with levan i was speechless. now with linda ong, i got tongue-tied. it's not everyday you get to talk to rockstars =) linda is humblest bee you will ever meet. ok maybe being in a gigging band is not something that one should be proud about.awesome character. plus she plays bass =P plus points in my book. =) dry and silverpiece is on enternal loop in my mind.

today is one of the rare days where i get to play guitar. sch and exercise has been tiring me out. i still dunno wat's the tuning for judith -_-'

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


LAB test 1

section C: 24 hour digital clock
correct circuit: 10 marks
working circuit: 45 marks
my circuit buat perangai, it didn't wanna work
but on circuitmaker, it was working fine
and the LED displays was faulty
my total score: 55/100 =(

she's drunk, i'm high
friday the 13th is coming

Monday, October 09, 2006

lab test blues

doing mod-10 was cake figuring mod-60 was easy peasy but doing mod-24 with a reset at 23, it's like a chinese learning how to sing impossible shit the count would go like 00, 01.....09, 10, 11.....19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 00 SEE THE RESET!!! so i figured a mod-30 would do the job it did now i gotta figure how to reset the 23 melvin i need some of ur genius and she wont let me use NAND gates! FUCK YOU!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

so i'll see you inside?

current setup: cort m200 -> dunlop 535q wah -> zoom 707II -> FAB overdrive -> crappy amp

gassing for a H20 chorus pedal and a boss dd-3 delay =)

i need to get a one spot adapter, buying AA and 9V batts every week is depleting my emergency tabong money.

jam sessions with my current band has been awesome so far. drummer hari can really keep a pussy tight beat. no complaints about him, rock solid guy. contagious laughter too. =) bassist brandon, one chill out dude. i tink during the dance section druing prom, his bass was his dance partner.. guitar salihin is a little noobish. not good with the strings but he sure can write catchy melodies.. vox khai is a slow learner, but i like his abang2 character.

recovered $105 from mom. =) and the chords are G, Cadd9, Em

Saturday, October 07, 2006

the haze

The issue of haze has been pervading our community in Singapore. We hte community should be doing something about this issue; start an anti-campaign against Indonesia. Stop any trading between the two countries. (man, im creating tension here)Stop the inflow of indonesian cigarettes namely gudang garam and sampoerna, and the domestic workers. (im going to get flamed man!)

guest written by my matair

Monday, October 02, 2006

it's just a thought
if you thought i was dying
why didnt you call me?
it's just a thought though

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