Thursday, October 19, 2006


went to swee lee this afternoon with fnd to check out boss dd-3 and ibanez de7. the staff who was attending to me a moody ass. whites get the first class treatment while money poor malays are scoffed at.. b-e-a-utiful.. but it didnt matter. tried both pedals. de7 came out tops coz i liked it's simplicity and tone. i didnt buy any pedals. told him i was gonna come another time. his eyes went all rolling and stuff.. bought strings instead.

went to ranking nxt door. saw mr. han. was initially intimidated by him. he once was the gtr instructer at jyss. so we went in. gawked at a couple of gtrs. he invited us to play. "boring lah kat sini, takde radio. korang main ade bunyi sikit". so we played.. and free lessons came nxt..
1. fingerpicking tremelo techniques, i.m.a.p
2. blues feeling, inhumane vibrato, outside notes
3. 'extra frets' technique
4. whammy technique w/o the whammy bar
5. neck bending thingy..
hari raya songs, romance de amour, funky monkeys, shreding and lotsa stuff in between lessons.. wow.. buke at ljs met yus at tm.. walk around. end up at the stage in central park. fnd becomes a mat. kacau budak kecik. talked about the coming raya pakcik2 antics.. almost all involve cigarettes. went home smelling like cigarettes. i love today
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