Sunday, October 08, 2006

so i'll see you inside?

current setup: cort m200 -> dunlop 535q wah -> zoom 707II -> FAB overdrive -> crappy amp

gassing for a H20 chorus pedal and a boss dd-3 delay =)

i need to get a one spot adapter, buying AA and 9V batts every week is depleting my emergency tabong money.

jam sessions with my current band has been awesome so far. drummer hari can really keep a pussy tight beat. no complaints about him, rock solid guy. contagious laughter too. =) bassist brandon, one chill out dude. i tink during the dance section druing prom, his bass was his dance partner.. guitar salihin is a little noobish. not good with the strings but he sure can write catchy melodies.. vox khai is a slow learner, but i like his abang2 character.

recovered $105 from mom. =) and the chords are G, Cadd9, Em
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