Thursday, November 23, 2006


i skipped sprog lessons this morning. reason?
1. didnt have the mood
2. i dont see the point of dragging a 2kg laptop all the way to dover and then using it for only two hours
3. my eyes hurt

clocked in for maths in the afternoon. then after that met,
1. yy, to pass her the guitar pro 5 software
2. tiara, also to pass her the guitar pro 5 software
3. dhai, to lepak

after over 9 months of haggling and pursuading, i finally got my classical guitar back frm fadzli. it used to be well stickered. now it looks like it's been through hell and back. 1/4 of the rosette was peeled off.. the fretboard was filthy. i dont think this junk has any resale value. it's gonna be my child's first guitar though..

i find running at night the most calming and relaxing thing that i had ever experience. sure, fooling around in the street soccer court at the same hour comes close. but nothing beats having the wind caress your hair on every step, the feeling of sweet sweat all over your jersey. the smell of unburnt carbon when jogging beside the road. ok maybe exclude the latter. =) my problems would disappear, nothing would worry me. all my focus would be on completing the run. i would come home, wishing that i had done another lap or two. so.. put that cigarette down, and start running..
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