Sunday, November 26, 2006

no he's not dead yet

i remember one year back, my grandfather came over to my home for hari raya visiting. i was doodling on my gtr and didnt realise that they had came over. he walked into my room and greeted me. i salam him. instinctively, i handed him my guitar, which was originally his, until my uncle gave it to me. yay. so he slinged the guitar, then he looked at my SINGLE, LONESOME effects pedal, which was at that time a SINGLE, LONESOME danelectro FAB overdrive, which cost me $27 at yamaha tamp. then he mumbled, 'ni aje kau nye pedal?'....

i wish he could come over again, step into my room and see my pedal board, and see how much it has grown. frm a SINGlE, LONESOME effect, to five beautiful pedals. i wish he would doodle with everything on it, stomp the wah on, self ocsillate the delay to make whammy effects, all the while ringing in some danggut tunes. then maybe, just maybe he'll look at me and smile for once. i'm grateful to you for teaching me apache.
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