Sunday, November 19, 2006

something about the way you hair falls in your face

i love the shape you take when you're crawling towards the pillow case yy passed me her hardcase (or flightcase?) on friday. brought it back home and tried to stuff nadine inside. but she couldn't fit. it turned out that the shape of the guitar did not match the shape of the guitar that the hardcase could take. so i had two options, 1. cut up parts of the guitar body to fit into the case, OR 2. cut up parts of the styrofoam in the case to match my guitar's shape obviously the latter's a much more realistic idea. out came my trusty rusty penknife, and the huge scissor my mom uses to cut chicken bones. i put nadine over the case and used her as a stencil, tracing out the body shape, so i knew which areas to chop off. you had to slice the styrofoam vertically and horizontally. chopping it vertically wasnt much of a challenge (it was as easy as sling a loaf of bread). but i had difficulty in slicing it horizontally. the angle of the knife, the awkward posotion as to how you hold it makes it more challenging. but it got done, and now nadine has a new home! =) went to g77, got a one-spot adapter and daisy chains. lost $50. but beats buying three 9Vs and four AAAs every 3-4 days..
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