Friday, August 18, 2006

our last nite

kamal my darling, how could you do this to me? how could you let me off soo easily to your friend? u treated me like an object u noe.. i tot u loved me? i tot i meant the world to you? i tot i was ur one and only? guess i was wrong then.. you hurt me so badly.. nadine my love, i'm only loaning you to my fren. it's only gonna be 5 days.. please bear with it orite.. my heart irks at what he is gonna do to you.. he's gonna mess around with your knobs.. he's gonna finger you all over your frets.. he's gonna meddle with your pickup selector.. he's gonna strum your stings so hard that it won't be kinky anymore.. he's gonna find your sweet spot and pinch the harmonic out of you.. he's gonna do nasty things to you baby.. but please, you gotta bear with it.. i know that it's not gonna feel good that another man is gonna do all this to you.. but i have no other choice baby.. i'll love you forever.. see you in 5 days!! =)
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