Sunday, August 27, 2006

sunday's sundae again

the black guitar has left me for another girl.. i tried to persuade her not to leave.. but she did not heed me.. ouh well.. well the girl paid the balance payment of $50, and then she gave me $10 extra.. i didnt know why.. i didn't wanna ask.. i figured she got laid last nite and was feeling generous with her kindness today.. kinda like a 'pass it forward' thing.. i'll get a more chio acoustic soon. stickified gtr.. good idea? today i felt extremly lethargic.. i didnt noe why coz all i did today was to go raffles place to give the guitar to the buyer i tried my hand at busking at raffles place.. not a single coin was dropped into my case THE HOLIDAYS HAVE ARRIVED!! WELCOME THEM WITH OPEN ARMS!! ito those taking o levels this year, please start yer mugging now.. some of them dont sense the urgency in it. do not procrastinate please
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