Tuesday, January 01, 2008

1 jan 08

I still vaguely remembered how I spent last year's new year. I went with yusri, irwan and asrari to the esplanade to see the fireworks. Stupid fireworks. I can't seem to see the beauty in them. Then we went to see some band perform. Then yusri and asrari decided to make total asses of themselves by dancing like headless chickens in front of the band. This was sorta like their 'rebellion' against the traditionally conservative sit-as-still-as-you-can-while-the-music-plays, typical Singaporean audience. Sure, I admire their cause, because honestly, audiences in Singapore do SUCK. But hell, this was family setting; kids and the elderly are around. And the kind of music that the band plays wasn't even moshable! It was really 'friendly', for the lack of a better word, and polite music. And here front and centre, two guys are throwing their bodies everywhere in europhia like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. And asrari even had the audacity to scold me and irwan for not joining them in their dance of stupidity. Total bullshit.

Then we went up to bras basah's residential area. And I had to endure 5 fucking hours of the tragic tale of irwan's love life. God. If you're sad, don't fucking bring your friends down with you too. We were all trying to make him feel better but this stubborn SOB just won't budge. He still wants to be sad. argh..

Today was different than last year, in most ways, more enjoyable. Went to pasir ris park. Drank alot. Threw up a little. Cycled, half-drunk, to parata paradise opp temasek polytechnic. Ate mee goreng. Cycled back home with probably the nicest guy one will ever meet in his lifetime.

Yay, happy new year.
I got high during the Countdown. Just to wake up again during the Countdown.

5 4 3 2 1...Boom.


Nothing much, another year closer to the end of the world.

Stop drinking man,seriously. It's not that good.
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