Thursday, January 03, 2008

I rikes sports ands outdoooors activities

Ok, there's no running races until May; but there's the Sundown Marathon, and i WOULD have sign up for that hadn't they pulled out the HM catagory. urgh..'s two fun events in the coming 3 months. yay

Surf and Sweat 08 at Sentosa on 3 Feb.
400m surf plus 4km run.
The surf part is just lying face down on your board and paddling with your hands. Lifejackets and surfboards are provided. Registration is $13 only! So far I got Mansur and Yusof(tentative though) to do this with me. yay.

Dirty weekend at Pulau Ubin (I think, or maybe it was some of the other pulaus up there lah) on 29 and 30 Mar.
MTB Race - 8km Bike Trail
Duathlon - 8km Trail Run, 8km Bike Trail, 8km Trail Run
Triathlon - 1.5km Swim, 8km Bike Trail, 8km Trail Run
I'm probably going for the MTB race or the Duathlon. I hope they'll provide the bikes or else I'll have to coax the fuck out of Edwin to borrow me his. Then again, they'll probably provide bike (or at least rent them) because I dont think anyone would wanna take the hassle of bringing their's along all the way there.
So far nobody wants to do this event with me. I don't even know the registration fees.
"Dirty weekend at Pulau Ubin"
wow, sounds wrong!
haha and hello there mister!(:
That's the name of the event lah!
You arab perv!! =P haha
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