Saturday, April 29, 2006

urgh the morning sun

the morning sunlight caressed my window frame, casting a reluntant shadow onto my peach-flavoured walls.. my eyelids tried it's hardest to pry itself open, and it finally did, much to my dismay.. my back was hurting.. i cound'nt stand up.. or dat fadzli's syndrome finally got the best of me.. so i'll blog in bed..

slept of for 13 hours straight.. don't blame laziness.. blame the poly life.. blame that fucking institution for making life so flexible.. i need a little structure in my life!! gimme a rule book or something so i can place a little order in my life.. i cnt take this nonsense for long.. yeah smoking really does relieve your stress, temporarily of course.. for now it's become my defibrillator, and my only lifeline against this.... thingy..

i feel very guilty btw.. didn't attend a fren's concert last night.. felt shitty.. veri soory.. agian poly stuff to do.. yes, i'm blaming poly coz i feel it is the source for chaos and disorder in my life.. at the holidays none of this stuff was happening.. i gotta start pushing and dragging and dribbling and shooting the blame to someone esle.. and i noe dat perfect candidate should be me..
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