Thursday, April 27, 2006

thorn among the roses

finally.. a girl enters 1B/22.. the thorn among the roses.. not to say that we were the roses of course because we were all acting like a bunch of dudes frm NS (no offence to tim & melvin lol), women-hungry after a week of not having any "femininity" whatsoever in class.. so you could imagine the scenario..

1. girl walks into class
2. we thought she was the cleaning lady
3. our eyes went wide open when she took a seat
4. ihbngghiouisbufasb9ohghvbu84qqa
5. "eh, finally got girl ah!!"
6. "wooahh, girrrrrl..."
7. "eh eh, wat's her name?"
8. *wolf whistles
9. "naker naker asemeneh"
10. the assistant class rep (yours truly) asking for the girl's no. (strictly for professional use)
11. the class got the wrong idea
12. chaos everywhere
13. even more noise and interruptions as assistant class rep was teased by hamka, nas, wen bao and yusof, and was beaten senseless by melvin

it was a crazy ass day..
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