Tuesday, April 25, 2006


my birthday today.. *starts singing birthday song to himself* lol.. had a quiet affair of dinner with the family, just like any other day.. i need to do a lot of studying for my poly course.. during the holidays i told myself that i am gonna take it easy during poly.. take things slow and just enjoy the time spent there.. guess i must be kidding myself!! hhahha it's just the second week and my tank has exhausted.. and it seems like i can shut down anytime.. just like my volatile laptop.. lol.. but i love the flexibility of poly life, u can come in anytime and act buay song, like many of the "yellow entities" (props to fnd for that wonderful phrase) in my class.. hhaha that's got nothing to do with flexibility actually hahhha... SP library can borrow music cds!! wooo.. they even got dire straits in their stock!! wooo.. old school thing are just great sometimes... =D DASE 1B/22 roamed around campus today (finally!!) and we found great (abeilt, CHEAP) food at foodcourt 2.. good eyecandies prancing about in the Applied Science school.. women in white coats are just soo HOT!! =D the gayness in the class still prevails in the second week as there are still no "womanly" additions to the class... :-( last but not least, i cant stand people who associate the blues with country.. (dat's u adik shalah)
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