Sunday, April 23, 2006

wehee.. i didn't go to ngaji today. my sister didn't so why should i go? lol.. guess i'll be enjoying the company of powerpoint slides on ohm's law vigilantly prepared by the singapore poly staff.. yeah thanks alot.. (scarcascm intended)

i gotta have that joga bonito street soccer ball!!! it's heavier than a normal ball so it's easier to dribble around. also it won't get whacked over the walls of the ss court, which is a very common occurence when we, or anybody else plays. then the whacker must go out and take the ball, usually taking his own sweet fucking time.. however some lazy ones (but i would call them extremely ingenious), would ride a bike (plucked from the ample choices available at the ss grandstand lol) to the location of the ball and then bring it back in double quick time.. Genius.. must ask people to matau money.. so far people have no money so they are unble to contribute. it's ok, it's alright, gangster gangster fight fight fight... take your time.. ah-ha.. there's always ping zhao.. hmm.. maybe split the cost 50/50 and i keep the ball.. YEH YEH!!
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