Sunday, April 23, 2006

emo phase

i do not know what the problem is with F. It's been about 2 months since anyone contacted him. He seems to be avoiding his circle of friends i.e. very short or non replies to our smses and instant messangers, and the slew of excuses when we ask for his company in various affairs. I did argue that this may just be a phase that he is going through, an emo phase maybe.. where suddenly he finds previously non-existent problems threatening to cake his mind shut, and thus forcing the victim to hide beneath the shelter of a sombre and serious facade, transforming him into the idling silent thinker.

The emo phase is not something which can be caught like the flu i.e. from infectious person to the other. Instead, it's origins lie within the mind itself. Therefore, F chose to be emo. He chose the path to emo-hood. I hope it is not to late to salvage what is left of him. He is a dear friend and it would be a great loss if we had lost him to the emo phase.
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