Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i made a new friend while training at bedok stadium today

First of all, I'd like to thank z00m-z00m for helping me with the runningahead.com's running log. It could only appear on Firefox before, but thanks to her, it can now appear on both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Wohoo!!

Colonel Sanders is evil i'm telling ya. In the course of a week, they sent me two coupon sheets. Both are the same. Just look at him! E-V-I-L!! Ok colonel, i get your message. If I finish sub-1 for the 10k on sunday, I'll get a zinger from you ok? :grins:

RAMDOM PICTURE TIME!! hur hur hur...
Hehehe. Eh belanje me KFC ah!!
Thanks eh. =D
Yay, you got the RA script to work!


BTW, I loves me some KFC...now I'm craving it. No wonder I can't drop these 15#s!


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