Friday, July 07, 2006

i'm soo tired

these past days have been orite, if not, tiring.. thon-ed the whole morning on monday, surviving only on red-bull and black coffee.. last minute do the PEEE proj. alone.. yes i was doin the group project ALONE.. yayness ultraman.. but it would be worth it if i got the credit due.. but sadly, they wrongly thanked the person.. tuesday i when out on a double date with the girlfriend, clarke kent and louise lane wednesday was a slow day.. i woke up late, dazed for awhile. no mood for school.. no mood for anything.. crs had to be done so meet grp members at 1200.. broughtmt gtr along as there's cca at 1530.. didnt get to use it though.. stayed up till morning doing crs proj, surviving on my sis's leftover birthday cake.. ALONE again.. went to bed at 0600.. thusday sucked.. the crs proj could not be found. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. hais the stupid things computers do.. so we had to use the crappy back-up ppt.. if i can get a seat on the mrt on fri when i first step into the carriage, that would truly be my highest point for the weekdays
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