Saturday, September 08, 2007

NGD (new guitar day)

Went to City Hall yesterday. Sold my Cort M200 to this 14-ish Malay dude for $270. Immediately went to Ranking at Bras Basah. Looked at the guitar rack. Brought down two teles, Squier Tele Cali and J&D tele copy. Plugged the Squier first. The bridge was a six-saddle, plus points for that. Impressive cleans. I love the warmness with the neck pup engaged. Sounds awesome with light dirt too. Switched to the bridge pup and it's instant hard rock. Coolio..

Plugged in the J&D next. Sounds brighter than the Squier. The neck was not as smooth as the Squier. Neck pup on the J&D was pretty bright too. i didnt like that. The pickguard was very shabby. And with a 3-saddle bridge, intonation's going to be a big headache.

Decided on the Squier Tele cali. Blew $270 on the guitar. Borrowed $20 from effendi for a guitar bag. I'll pay asap.

I have always loved the simplicity of the telecaster. Gonna swap the pups for SDs and Dimarzios.
Y'know..that guitar is good.

I'm jealous. I wanna get a new guitar for so long.I really need to sell my soul to Magdalena.
Nice guitar.
I hope in2 months, I can get my Squier Tele Custo

u suck cock man.....

no money still can bing guitar...

nw, lets write songs for hari raya!!!!
AHH!!!! kamal ader tele!!!
I declare injustice. You loaded @$^#$&@#$%!@
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