Thursday, September 27, 2007

Buka puasa @ Sultan Masjid = Heaven

I've been trying not to think about it. But.. Today is the the 3rd time this week that I went shisha-ing. The first one was with my band, well actually what's left of it. Tuesday's was with Jyss friends. Today was with my poly buddies. I hope it doesn't become a habit for me. The shisha part only lah. I must not veer away from my goal: HALF-MARATHON. Then a full one next year. Then an ultra (50+ km) the following year.

With alot of pushing and shoving from Yusof, I finally attempted to ask a girl's number. Yes. At the pathetic age of 18, I've yet the balls to come up to a chick and talk, and leave, with her number. The place was Al-Majlis something-something aka The Shisha Place. We walked there. I asked if I could sit down. She said yes. We talked. It was barely a minute. I was so nervous. My legs were shivering. It has happened before, when i was finger-fucking Tiara in Sun Plaza Park a year ago. And it was happening now. She offered me her strawberry shisha. I accepted. Mmmm.. Taste like SKL fags. Talked a bit. Asked if I could have her number. She said yes. Took out my phone. She dailed her number. Yeah!! SCORE!!!
I think we've reached the age where relationships should be taken seriously already. no more naive playful teens aka kids. we're almost young adults.
YAY Nomborzzzzz

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