Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm back home

It's been such a spartan experience staying over at my gramp's place. Had to stay there because my house was undergoing some minor renovations. The one and only thing I missed about home? Internet.

Jammed f.o.c. at TP on Wednesday and Friday. I totally love the amp that I plugged into. It wasnt even a half-stack. It was a combo. COMBO. Stupid combo. But fuck it sounds so good! My Crunchbox sounded so 'open' through it. The in-built reverb was so lush. Putting a delay through it never sounded so awesome. It's probably has to do with those 12' speakers. Gear aside, jamming was woah. The highlight of it was the 30+ minute astreal shoegaze shit opera that we did, totally impromptu. Mind-blowing. The chemistry. Wow. Tried to do the same on Friday, but we somehow couldnt recreate the same magic on that warm Wednesday night.

I havent read a story book since I was 11. I hated reading. Why? Two words. Harry Potter. I bought one of the books, I think it was the 3rd one, on a whim because I had spare cash while shopping for school text books. I wanted to know what was the fuss all about. Read it. Couldnt understand shit. I went through about 150 pages before I gave up. Money wasted on such a stupid book. I hate wasting money. Harry Potter made me waste money. I hate Harry Potter. Reading made me waste money. I hate reading. And so the hatred blossomed. After a 6 year hiatus, I decided to give it one more chance. Went to SP library, picked up Stephen King's Firestarter. I knew nothing about Stephen King's books, but I trust on his reputation for creating great pee-in-your-pants horror stories. I'm halfway through it. So far so good.
if u intend to read harry potter, read frm the first book.... cuz u feel lost if u read after the first book....
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