Friday, June 16, 2006


my clock says it's 3.38am.. why am i still awake?! ouh yeah here's the reason.. pep talk frm dad.. "marul, skarang dah poly, jgn main-main lagik.. org lain nak masok poly tau.. kau dah masok keje kuat sikit.. jgn malas malas.. jgn matair matair.. ok?" ok.. guilty feelings.. i've been lazy this whole week.. i've nvr followed my study timetable.. eh wait.. i dont even have one.. so, here i am in front of the comp, doing revision.. i've got no foolscap paper.. so i'm doing all the sums and stuff mentally. which sucks lah btw.. ur brain can only take in so much.. and for sake of pessimists out there, ur brain can only take so little.. =P ok the rage with pessismism these days is overwhelming.. the bottle is half-empty.. ur hp batt almost diying.. ur guitar only got 1 string missing.. wat else? FUCK LAR.. the bottle is half-full.. the hp batt still has life in it's soul.. and my guitar still has 5 strings in it.. my pinky is shreded.. there's 7 parallel papercuts(?) on it.. it hurts badly when i press on my strings.. ok i had nothing to do so i came up with this guide to bgrs.. 1.manja phase (2 weeks to 2 months) -in this phase, both parties would be talking to each other romantically.. like stupid love birds perched on electrical wires.. whispers of sweet nothings in each others ears.. the occasional "ouh i'm sori i didnt mean to touch ur hand but cant u see tt i'm hinting at u for u to hold my hand" scenarios.. stupid name-calling, the sweet kind.. baby, darling, honey 2.serious phase (2 months to 6 months) -in this phase, in which i wouyld like to call the "motek" phase, both parties would make unholy confessions to each other.. dont understand?? guy confesses to girl, "baby, i sayang u".. the grl would then procede to melt in his arms.. all lovey dovey shite.. she would softly say, "'je 'taime, my prince chariming".. ok wat happens nxt is then explicit contents.. (making out under the blok, the lift, her home, his home, toilet, the stairwell, train, lrt, mrt, subway stations, need i continue??) they would almost be on the brink of "doing it".. ok after this phase there are two alternate endings.. 3-1.happily ever after ending -girl and guy get married.. have kids.. and the kids do nonsense stuffies on other ppl's kids 3-2.break up ending -"it's not you, it's me".. yeah grand daddy of of breaking up excuses.. go thier separate ways.. they may rekindle their love in the future.. but highly unlikely (see.. pessimism again..) 3-3.mat and minah ending -ok this ending only applies to mats and minahs.. mat hv pms with minah.. minah gets pregnant.. they have shotgun wedding.. their parents disown them.. the baby is born.. minah goes to watch s-league match with mat.. carries one baby.. her sister carries her other baby.. she goes ard acting big when she looks 17.. she shows off her babies to her minah frens.. the mat go relek with his members.. the mat then go bird hunting with his members.. the minah caught them red-handed.. they argue at the coffeeshop.. the minah say to mat, "eh kalau u suke dier sangat, u pegi kawin ngan dier arh!" long story cut short.. they divorce and contribute to the increasing number of malay divorces in Singapore.. yayness
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