Thursday, June 22, 2006

ping zhao is talking to me on the phone now.. yes at 1.38 in the morning.. crazy son of a gun.. he asked me whether i'm awake.. fuck yeah i'm awake!! mugging ler.. ok before u get any funny ideas regarding my sexual orientation, this is wat we talked about.. some girl called him a boring person.. he then asked me whether if he really is a boring person.. i said no ler.. u dont noe ping zhao of course lah u say he boring.. it takes time to open up wat.. it's all tactics.. if u become an open book, everybody noes every single detail abt u.. no fun.. u must turn the pages slowly and get urslef a good read.. word by word, sentence by sentence, page by page, chapter by chapter.. it'll be like one exciting adventure.. and if u like the book, keep it.. dont like give me k? awkward, silly, dreamy, surprising, stupid, romantic, hot, steamy moments were shared with the g/f todae.. baby we seriously need to take it S-L-O-W.. i wanna study but i'm lazy.. ahh just leave it to tmr ler.. PROCRASTINATOR..
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