Tuesday, June 13, 2006


ok taday's day was all spent outside of the home.. went to meet her at dhoby ghauht (is tt how u spell it?) mrt station.. went to plaza singapura and OMFG.. the yamaha store there is sooo FUCKING BIG!! a far cry from tt puny one in TM.. hahaha then wanted to watch the omen.. but... it was screening at 1450.. we were there at 1230.. after some decision making, abielt, scissors paper stone combat (hahaha), decided to go to cathay.. but... the movie was also showed late.. urgh.. this is wat u get when udont check movie screenings before u go out.. so we were hungry.. fucking hungry.. had lunch at long john's silver.. hahhaha tt cracks me up every single time!! ok i tink i may be the only one who sports the humour in tt name.. =P ok anyways go figure.. then i sent her home.. i'll spare the details k.. =D i came bck at 5pm on the dot.. just nice.. my father was gg out.. he asked me to follow.. i got nothing betr to do so i did.. fetched mom at the workplace and then drove to this LTA HQ.. buying handphone plan for the sis.. long queue + nothing to do = a grumpy son.. hahha luckily there was a pool table.. so while mom was queueing.. me, sis, dad played pool.. and i owe dad $10.. =P this is wat u get when u go cocky after two consecutive wins.. hahha.. then dinner at this lousy place.. ok hu the fuck brings in the side orders first and the main dish last?! ouh and there's like a 30 minute delay bet the first dish served and the main dish.. urgh.. don't ever test the patience of a hungry man.. so we were like waiting.. and waiting.. WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT IKAN PARI DISH?!?! i tink eternity passed before they FINALLY served tt dish.. urgh.. the table beside us was also ordering the same thing.. hahha happy waiting.. =D went home after tt bad experience.. now i'm wating for ping zhao and his bro to come to my house.. they are gonna watch world cup.. and eat PRATA!!
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