Monday, June 05, 2006

music downloads

i dont support the downloading of music.. in fact i am against it.. yet, i ask other people to download them for me.. hahahahahaha ouh i'm a hypocrite =P

things that happen since the last time i updated..

1) sold my SAMICK triple-humbucker les-paul-ish electric gtr to cash converter.. :-( all for a measly $110.. i tried to haggle for a higher price but they just wouldn't budge!! so $110 it is.. (actually it's a good bargain.. considering that the gtr is spoilt!!) ouh i'm evil.. =P

2) bought a SAMICK classical electro-acoustic!! yayness.. =D so with the money i got from selling the spoilt gtr, i added another $70 to get my sweaty palms on this this gorgeous black beauty.. =D i went all the way to davis gtr centre in peninsula to get it.. then i went to campus for the gtr cca.. one minty fresh guitar in the room.. =D

3) while i was in peninsula i witnessed two muscians, one on bass and another on gtr, having an impromptu jam together in a music store.. OMG!! it was like they were testing out the instruments and out of the blue, the gtrist asked the bass player to play a groove, then he'll try to improvise.. HOLY SHIT they were brilliant!! they were so into the groove.. it was all "feel" playing.. all straight form the heart.. nothing was seperating them, short of a translucent wall of guitars.. =D

4) cheese prata will always and forever be my favourite food.. jalan kayu makes the best ones.. hahahahahhaahha went there with the family for only three weekends already and i'm hooked!! CHEESE PRATA IS THE WAY TO GO

5) ouh i'm quiting smoking.. =D yay yay.. hmm it's been.. 72 hours? hahahahaha.. my aim is to make it one week w/o that thingy.. the pictures on the ciggie boxes just just irk me... then i saw the new photos that they are planning to put on the boxes.. ouh shit they are disgusting!! i'll do my best to smother this addcition.. well.. it's not actually an addiction.. but if i can do it.. i'll buy myself two CHEESE PRATA as a reward!! hahahaha seriously hooked onto it.. =D

6) SOMEONE owns me lunch at DELIFRANCE.. and the x men movie is on you, i dont care!! hahahaha.... counting in french is sooo confusing.. =P and so's italian.. =P

7) ALERT ALERT!!! GAY COUPLES IN SINGAPORE ARE ON THE RISE!!! fuck saw this GAY couple HOLDING hands in town.. URGH!! then they were walking like nobody's business, unashamed of anything.. fuck if i could i'll take that ovation guitar standing all alone in the gramaphone store and introduce it to the heads of those GAYS.. yesh.. i'm homophobic..

8) 100% marks for both PEEE and DE practicals!!! HOORAY!!! they are gonna get me in mst's.. DIE..

9) it's the holidays again.. yay.. NOT!! gotta mug for mst's.. urgh.. i wonder why do they even bother to give us (the school-going population of SINGAPORE) holidays.. HOLIDAYS = RELEK, PLAY SOCCER.. NOT to study, and go to a freekingly far campus just to attend a talk on a diploma plus program!!

10) ouh diploma plus.. i was one of the (100?) shortlisted to be eligible to enrol for this diploma plus program.. it's similar to an industrial attachment program but instead, all is being done at campus.. i will be exposed to working life environments.. dat means.. real-life problems.. is office politics and back-stabbing gonna be on today's agenda??

11) i'm running out of shirts to wear.. dat's not the problem.. NO MONEY TO BUY NEW CLOTHES!! actually i have money.. but would rather spend it on something less perishable.. =P i guess it's gonna be the orange tee and shorts again tmr..

12) my laptop is being a pussy all of a sudden.. cnt play games on it.. cnt hear songs on it.. hell i'd be lucky if it booted up properly! hmm.. could it be that kaede matsushima is the evil genius behind this.. =P i hope not.. hahahha.. i was tinking of reformatting it.. but i'm a noob at reformatting.. in fact i've nvr reformatted a comp before.. ouh shit someone help me..

13) ouh just remembered.. all those spare ciggies i keep inside my gtr have gotta be thrown out.. yes.. i keep my ciggies in my guitar..

guess dat's it.. anyone up for another serving of CHEESE PRATA?? =P
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